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Published at 22nd of October 2020 11:05:10 PM
Chapter 1994

“I am his family . Let me stay here and accompany him, alright? He needs me!” stated Yun Shishi firmly .

Seeing how adamant she was, the doctor stopped trying to chase her out as he closed the door and hurriedly turned to treat the idol’s injuries .

The doctor did a simple inspection of the injury and hastened to staunch the bleeding before cleaning it to prevent infection .

The actress stood at the side, trembling in fear . As Hua Jin gazed at the woman fixedly, his heart was filled with warmth as a hot feeling flooded his chest .

‘I am his family!’

‘Let me stay here and accompany him, alright? He needs me!’

His lips trembled as his eyes curved into crescent shapes happily .

An unprecedented amount of warmth invaded his heart .

This was probably the warmth one would feel when being protected by their family!

Obviously, the actress did not notice his expression as she watched the doctor’s every movement with rapt attention . She observed his face, hoping to get some information from his facial expression .

However, the doctor remained grim with his brows knitted . He looked especially stern as he frowned occasionally . Looking at his knitted eyebrows, she was even more on edge as tears began to well up in her eyes weakly .

The actor’s heart ached when he saw how she was about to cry .


His weak voice startled her instantly .

The woman walked hurriedly to his side and crouched down gently . She carefully held his hand which had reached for hers .

“What’s wrong?”

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“I am feeling a bit tired . I want to take a nap . ”


She instantly became more flustered as she raised her head to look at the doctor, her eyes pleading for help .

“Doctor, he…”

However, the doctor was completely invested in stopping the bleeding and had no time to take notice of her appeal .

“Will you stay by my side all the way?” asked the man suddenly .

Yun Shishi turned around to look at him before nodding her head vehemently . “I will! I will stay by your side throughout!”

She paused for a moment . Looking at him through misty eyes, she then pleaded, “Hua Jin, please don’t scare me, alright? How are you feeling now? Does it still hurt? Where does it hurt?”

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“It hurts everywhere…”

It was strenuous for him to even say those few words and his eyes began to close slowly…

“Don’t fall asleep—”

She was about to say something when frantic footsteps were heard from outside the door .

“The ambulance is here!”

An unknown voice shouted from outside just as the doctor was done with his job of stopping the bleeding . He opened the door immediately and several medical personnel dashed in .

“Where is the injured?”

“He’s here; he’s here!”

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“Has the bleeding been stopped?”

“I just stopped it, but I don’t know the state of his wounds . We will need further inspection to know more about his injury’s state…”

“What is his blood pressure?”

A group of people worked in a flurry as they brought in the stretcher . The medical personnel lifted the man onto it and secured him before rushing to the ambulance .

Hua Jin’s eyes were closed, seemingly having fainted from his injuries .

Amid the clamor, Yun Shishi suddenly felt the entire world becoming deathly still . Everything she saw lost their colors while every scene seemed to be playing in slow motion .

The overlapping voices were particularly ear-piercing .

The idol placed on the stretcher was slowly taken away, his expression tranquil and calm despite his pale face .

She finally regained her senses in hindsight and hastily chased after the man on the stretcher . By the time she was out of the hotel entrance, the idol had already been secured inside the ambulance .

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