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Published at 21st of October 2020 11:30:05 PM
Chapter 1993: 1993
Chapter 1993: I am his family!

He peacefully shut his eyes upon hearing her voice .

Yun Shishi held his hands tightly in hers . Perhaps it was due to the excessive blood loss, but his hands were cold and clammy, completely devoid of warmth .

Her brows squeezed tightly with worry when she noticed this . All of a sudden, Hua Jin slowly opened his eyes again and swept a concerned look all over her .

“What’s the matter?” she probed at once, thinking that he needed something .

All that came out from him, however, was a hoarsely asked question: Are you… hurt?”

For a moment, she was choked speechless with emotions, then tears came pouring forth when she dropped her gaze to the startling patch of red on his abdomen .

The actress clenched her teeth in a bid to stop herself from sobbing aloud, but the thought of this man being in a critical state because of her sent heart-wrenching pain coursing through her .

Remorse, sadness, concern… and all sorts of emotions shot through her as bitter tears seeped in her mouth between the cracks on her lips .

“Why… Why would you do that?!”

The woman knew full well that the stab he had taken was already a very serious injury, yet for the sake of saving her, he crawled such a long distance, allowing his wound to come into friction with the coarse cement floor . It was second-degree harm inflicted on himself .

Furthermore, he had exerted so much strength in pulling her up to safety . His wound must have torn even further because of that .

On top of all these, having no idea how much force Mu Wanrou had used—if his crucial internal organs were hurt, she was nearly driven mad with worry .

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God forbid; if anything should happen to the actor, she would truly be unable to forgive herself!

“Don’t cry . You look so stupid like this…”

Hua Jin laughed, his trademark playful smile emerging on his frail, pallid face before he casually remarked, “Actually… I don’t feel much pain at all . In fact, it’s like just getting bitten by a mosquito . What we see in movies are severely exaggerated . It isn’t that painful at all . ”

His words infuriated the woman, for he could still so nonchalantly crack such a joke and make light of his situation when his life was in danger at the moment .

He had steeled himself to bear with the excruciating pain and joked around with her just to assuage her worries . His usually clear eyes were now dark and grey as he watched her, seemingly having something to say .

“Don’t worry, okay? I’ll be fine…”

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“Stop joking around!”

D*mn it!

God knows how worried and frightened I am now, yet he’s still in the mood to say this .

Despite her knowing that it was all for the sake of alleviating her sense of guilt and worries, she was still frustrated at him for spouting nonsense .

The cold beads of sweat accumulated on his forehead had silently betrayed him, revealing to her that he had been enduring the pain all this while .

It’s hurting him so much, yet he’s still telling me that he’s fine!

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The doctor on duty, who had dozed off earlier, was startled awake by a loud commotion . He received quite a shock when he saw a group of people carrying a man with a bleeding abdomen into the infirmary and placing him on the sickbed .

Immediately, he went to prepare the equipment needed to stop the bleeding for the man .

“Excuse me; I’d like you all to step out for a bit . ”

The actress was reluctant to step out and wanted to stay by the idol’s side . Seeing her being so persistent, the doctor asked, “Are you a family member, miss?”

“Yes!” she blurted out, firmly and with no hesitation .

Hua Jin, who was lying on the sickbed, opened his eyes . His eyelashes trembled a little as he stole a sideway glance at the woman .

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