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Published at 21st of October 2020 11:30:08 PM
Chapter 1992

Cold sweat densely dotted his pretty yet pallid face . His eyes were tightly shut, but his lashes were trembling .

“H-Hua Jin… don’t scare me . Please… d-don’t scare me…”

Too desperate to care about anything else, Yun Shishi looped his arm on her as she tried to get him on his feet to no avail . He was just too weak to stand up .

In fact, the man had already passed out .

Never had she felt so frightened and terrified before . What was more; she had no idea if that stab had hurt any vital organs of the actor .

While weeping, she uttered a prayer in her heart as she put the man on her back and carried him unsteadily down the stairs .

“Help! Help! Someone, please help…”

The woman dashed in the direction of the elevator as best as she could with him on her back, her cry for help echoing endlessly in the empty corridor .

No one responded to her, however .

The entire twenty-seventh floor was devoid of people save for them .

Standing by the elevator entrance, she kept pressing the button going down; alas, the display indicated that it had stopped on the seventeenth floor and stayed stuck on that level for some reason .

There was only one elevator leading to the twenty-seventh floor, yet it remained on the seventeenth floor for a long time, driving her mad with worry!

“Come on… Hurry!”

She kept pressing the elevator button as though she were possessed . Finally, the numbers began jumping up but soon stopped on the twentieth floor .

“Hurry up!” she urgently shouted, willing it to go up . The elevator button was almost spoiled by her incessant pressing .

Just when she was about to fall apart and break down into tears, the elevator finally reached the twenty-seventh floor after several stops on its way up .

She dashed right in with the man on her back without a regard as soon as the doors opened .

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There were several people in the elevator, and they were frightened out of their wits when they saw a blood-stained woman rushing toward them from the pitch-dark corridor with a seemingly half-dead man on her back .


Feeling utterly desperate, Yun Shishi pleaded with them for help . “Quick! Call for an ambulance! Quick!”

“What’s going on?”

“What happened?! Is it a terrorist attack?!”

“So much blood!”

Tears were about to gush out of her as she implored pleadingly again and again . “Call for an ambulance, please… Hurry up and call for an ambulance!”


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The sight of her helpless and innocuous appearance and an unconscious, bloodied man on her back, who appeared to be dying, soon snapped them out of their initial shock . Someone immediately pulled out their phone to call for an ambulance, while another, being relatively more astute, even called the police on her behalf and briefly reported her situation to them .

Soon, the elevator arrived on the first floor .

With the help of others, Hua Jin was carefully carried out of the elevator .

The lobby manager, who was currently on duty at the front desk, had just received a call saying that someone had fallen off the hotel building . He was about to head outside to check the situation when he was startled by the commotion near the elevator .

“Where’s the infirmary?!” demanded Yun Shishi nervously as she clutched the lobby manager’s clothes .

“Please calm down, miss…”

“How am I supposed to calm down when he’s dying?! Hurry up and bring him to the infirmary to stop the bleeding!”


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Despite having no idea of what was going on, the lobby manager led her and the rest of the people carrying the idol to the infirmary .


The actor suddenly weakly whispered her name .

She immediately went over to his side . “I’m here; I’m right here with you…”

“Mm . ”

He peacefully shut his eyes upon hearing her voice .

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