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Published at 21st of October 2020 11:30:10 PM
Chapter 1991

Her eyes widened in surprise, only to see Hua Jin appearing before her moments later with a pained expression .

He crawled over with great difficulty and extended a hand out to her .

“Hold onto me… Grab my hand…”

The panting woman shook her head in refusal .

“No… You won’t be able to catch me…”

“Trust me . ” The idol stubbornly kept his arm extended as he bore with the excruciating pain . “Hold onto me…”

As such, she tried releasing her left hand despite feeling quite hesitant about it . The moment she so much as shifted a finger, however, her body slid downward . She almost lost her grip and fell off the building just like that .

Right now, her body was tense and taut including all her nerves and joints .

If just loosening her grip on one finger could already make her lose balance, what more if she released one hand?

If the actor failed to catch her in the nick of time, she would really fall off the building .

“I can still hold on…”

“Y-You won’t be able to hold on for long with your arm strength!”

The grave, solemn expression he had presently was unlike his usual mischievous, teasing look . “You won’t be able to last for even a minute!”

The strength of a woman was incomparable to that of a man, after all .

Furthermore, given the current situation, even a man would unlikely be able to come to safety without receiving any external help; what more of a feeble female?!

“Please… listen to me; I’ll catch your hand for sure! Trust me, alright?”

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Yun Shishi remained reluctant to obey him . Big droplets of sweat were beginning to pepper her forehead .

“If I fail to catch your hand, I’ll accompany you to the afterlife . ”

Eking out a bitter smile, he thrust his hand further out to her . “Believe me, Shishi…”


“I don’t want you to die!” he cried in pain . “Please, I’m begging you . Just hold onto me…”

Upon deciding to let go of all her reservations, the woman shut her eyes and gritted her teeth in determination before she abruptly released her left hand to reach for Hua Jin’s .

She did this despite knowing that her right arm alone was not strong enough to support the weight of her body and that she might very well plunge to the ground in the next second .

However, in the blink of an eye…

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The man reached his arm out and caught hold of hers .

“I got you . ”

A wide beam bloomed on his face as he looked at her in amazement; his face was entirely covered in cold perspiration .

“Hua Jin…” She was equally drenched in a cold sweat, and as she gasped his name, tears uncontrollably streamed down her cheeks .

It startled him for a moment, but he soon broke in a wry smile and did his best to hold her arm and pull her to safety .

His weak and scrawny appearance misled her into thinking that he was the type to be unable to withstand a blow, so it was much to her surprise when she discovered how powerful he was .

It felt like a century-long when, in fact, only ten or so seconds had passed before he successfully pulled her halfway to safety .

The actress struggled desperately to crawl forward and pull herself up, and when she finally managed to get herself to safety, she lay sprawled on the ground, all winded .

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“Thank you…”

She lifted her head, only to see her colleague lying unconscious on the ground . It seemed that he had exhausted all his strength in rescuing her .

“Hua Jin?”

She reached out and gently pushed his shoulder, and that was when she caught sight of the pool of blood beneath him . The sight shocked her immensely!

A long trail of blood came into her view when she looked behind her .

He had actually crawled all the way here from his original spot where he had been stabbed .

He was injured in his abdomen, and blood was pouring out from the gaping wound .

“…Hua Jin? Hua Jin—wake up! Don’t scare me!”

Terrified, she held his face and lightly patted it .

There was no response from him, however .

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