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Published at 19th of October 2020 10:25:10 PM
Chapter 1986

Fires of rage burned in the madwoman’s eyes .

Yun Shishi!

All her misery had started because of this b*tch; she was the real culprit!

If not for her, the man would have loved her and she would have her happiness!

Alas, her happiness was snatched from her by this woman!

In her heart, she was ready to kill her . In fact, she had to kill her so that the death of her child would be justified!

This desire devoured her and single-mindedly and drove her into the pits of insanity .

Mu Wanrou yanked a chunk of the woman’s hair and slammed the latter’s head heavily on the floor .

The actress could feel a burst of splitting pain in her head following a loud thud . Images overlapped before her eyes, which had magnified the sound of her breathing!

This was also the very moment that her instinct to survive was evoked from deep within her!

I can’t die here!

She knew very well that if she did not try to resist this time, she would die in the hands of this madwoman .

I can’t die here!

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The newfound resolution injected a rush of adrenalin into her and gave rise to a surge of overpowering energy!

Grabbing a bunch of her enemy’s hair, she mustered the strength to kick the woman away from her!

The other stumbled backward for a bit before she was again kicked hard by the protagonist .

The survival instinct had given the actress formidable strength, which made her a force not to be reckoned with!

Mu Wanrou could feel the gut-wrenching pain welling up inside her before she spat out a violent drop of bloody fluid from her oral cavity .

The kick was so forceful that it had ruptured her guts, causing intestinal bleeding, which made her cough another mouthful of blood as she crept pathetically on the ground .

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Yun Shishi climbed up from the floor, steadied herself, and launched another offensive attack . Lunging forward, she sent another kick to her nemesis, making the latter fall to the ground again . Seeing the latter struggling to get up, she stomped her foot down on the figure below her a couple of times before straddling her torso and throwing multiple punches at her face!


The other woman was knocked down by her counter-offensive . Just like what her enemy had done to her before, she yanked a bunch of the other party’s hair and sent her head crashing to the ground!

“What right do you have to begrudge me, Mu Wanrou?! If not for you, I wouldn’t be subjected to the life of a drifter!” she screeched, feeling miserable inside as she gnashed her teeth . Her bloodshot eyes were staring right at her enemy when she let loose the floodgate of fury and hatred, which had accumulated in her through the years! “If it weren’t for you, my son and I wouldn’t have to endure so many hardships and much pain! You’re the one who took away what was rightfully mine, yet you refused to repent and continued to bully us! Are you blaming me for your plight now? Do you have the right to blame me in the first place?!”


As they continued their scuffle, she repeatedly slammed her enemy’s head against the floor until it was bleeding profusely!

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“I did my best to survive—to live my life as best as I could! Was I the third party?! Did I break up your relationship and did I cause you to end up in such a state?! No, I didn’t! This is your punishment—this is your just deserts!”

As the actress berated the woman under her viciously, she did not stop her assault .

Their positions had changed, with the aggressor turning into the victim, and vice versa . Rendered helpless by the ferocious counterattacks, the woman’s feeble retaliation was swiftly blocked by the actress . There was nothing she could do except to let the artist grab her head by the hair and yank it toward the floor time and again . Her head was spinning so badly that she had turned numb to all the ensuing sensations!

The two stared at each other with bloodshot eyes, vengeance clearly visible in their orbs .

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