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Published at 19th of October 2020 10:25:12 PM
Chapter 1985

Alas, what Mu Wanrou had was brute strength . One after another, her enemy slapped her face without stopping .

Worse still, the other woman seemed to lose all sensations, which allowed her to feel no pain or fear as she kept attacks coming .



The opponent was determined to finish her off as the former cursed and wailed at the top of her lungs .

The protagonist could feel her head getting painfully heavy and dizzy . She was petrified and, at the same time, feeling helpless as well as desperate .

It was true that an insane man could be more terrifying than a monster . One who knew no pain and had no desire to retreat—the only consuming thought of the madwoman was to die with her enemy!

“I’m gonna kill you, Yun Shishi! You’ll pay for my son’s death!”

The woman’s words reverberated in her ears like a loud and irritating buzzing sound . She finally realized that her opponent had turned insane after a traumatic experience .

What she did not understand was: Why did Mu Wanrou insist that she had murdered her child when the latter was infertile in the first place?!

How could she bear a child at all?

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The only indisputable fact was that the woman in front of her had truly gone mad . The woman was honestly crazy!

When Mu Wanrou grew up and found out that she was infertile, she had a hard time accepting it . Only after she had put in much effort to adjust her mentality did she finally manage to accept the reality . She was deeply apologetic for her deficiency to the man she loved and tried all ways and means to elevate herself to the standard deserving to be part of the Mu household . All she asked was to be his wife .

Feeling ashamed of her infertility, she accepted the son of a surrogate woman without any grumbles or complaints . Though she could not quite accept Mu Yichen as her flesh and blood, she did her best to raise him and give him her due attention and care .

In the end, she discovered that she was pregnant . Not only that; she also found out, with a start, that she had been made use of all this time by the man she loved . In her ignorance, she had become a pawn in his ambitious game .

As for her flesh and blood, she lost the fetus in a shooting accident .

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Mu Yichen, the child born by Yun Shishi, was the one who killed the baby in her womb . She could not accept the fact that her biological child would die at the hands of the boy whom she had raised! The truth was just too cruel for her!

She had, apparently, been embroiled in a sham all this time! Her naivety had turned her into the greatest joke in this chain of events!

She was not infertile; she could have a baby! In the end, though, she had lost the child .

Why could the man not accept her? If he had chosen her to be his fiancée, why could he not try to accept her? At the very least, she would still perform the duties of an obliging wife even if they were not truly in love . She did not mind a marriage to him in name . In fact, she was prepared to serve him with her all and to raise their children well . Was it too much to ask on her part?

Ever since then, she was deeply buried in misery . Every night, she would recall the baby that she had lost—one which could have grown to be a fit and healthy child if it had not been for her negligence .

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Why did the man she loved have to be so heartless? Was it because of this woman?

Yun Shishi!

It’s her! It’s all because of her!

If not for this third party, she would have found happiness! Mu Yazhe might have decided to accept her in the end if she had had the chance to prove her worth!

She was supposed to find happiness if not for this sl*t!

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