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Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:05 PM
Chapter 1984: 1984

“Yun Shishi, I finally found you! Do you still remember me?”

By the next second, she was back to her deranged state . Her savaged hands reached for the actress as the madwoman lunged forward, yelling, “You killed my son! You’ll pay for that!”

Fortunately, Yun Shishi was no weakling . As she saw her nemesis throw herself at her, she deftly ducked and ran straight for the exit .

Seeing that she had missed her, Mu Wanrou swiftly turned around and, within a few quick steps, managed to catch hold of her enemy’s hair .

A lock of the actress’s hair was mercilessly torn from her scalp . She felt a sharp, tearing sensation on her head before she lost her balance and fell to the ground on her back .

Her enemy pounced on her like a beast on the loose . Sitting on top of her, the woman clutched her throat and squeezed hard .

In the state of absolute madness, one might find endless potential . Even a helpless person could find themselves in possession of inexhaustible strength under extreme conditions .

This was exactly the case with Mu Wanrou . The protagonist found herself pinned under the madwoman, unable to break free from the latter’s clutch .

Soon, darkness seemed to befall her eyes .

As the other woman continued to exert her strength on her throat, she could sense a great force crushing down on her, rendering her breathless .

Her face started to flush a furious shade of red as suffocation set in .

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“Let… go!” She choked out . Her hands grabbed hold of her enemy’s hair, too, and they started to engage in a ferocious tussle .

No person could be more daunting than a mad man .

Perhaps insanity had driven Mu Wanrou over the edge, so much so that she was no longer sensitive to any sensation . Despite having chunks of hair torn from her scalp, which left bloody patches on her head, she displayed no signs of pain . In fact, she could not stop her silly grin and wild laughter from breaking as she kept attacking the artist under her relentlessly .

By now, Yun Shishi was close to being completely suffocated . Her brain seemed to fizzle out as her trachea was constricted, robbing her of her basic rights to breath . Tinnitus started buzzing in her ears, blocking all sounds except for her enemy’s hysterical howls .

Veins started to pop up on her temples . Her eyes felt tensed and painful as if they were in the danger of popping out of the orbital space due to the great pressure .

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She began to grow despondent, struggling frantically for her survival . As her hands thrashed madly about, she felt some gravel . Grabbing a handful of such, she lifted her head as best as she could and aimed it right at her enemy’s temple .

Mu Wanrou let go of her enemy’s neck with a painful scream .

Yun Shishi immediately flipped herself over and out of her enemy’s clutch . Stumbling to the side, she clenched her throat and burst into bouts of fitful coughing .


She struggled for every breath like a dying man fighting for his last breath . As she was about to stand up, there was a surge of blood up her head, which unbalanced her and made her vision dim slightly . She could feel pain shooting across her limbs as her body collapsed to the ground helplessly .

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“Cough! Cough, cough—”

As she continued to cough and struggle to regain her breath, she saw obliquely that her nemesis had gotten up and was ready to launch an attack despite being badly injured . Within seconds, that crazy pair of eyes were on her once more as her enemy crashed headlong into her .

The two rolled about as they fought with each other .

“You’re insane! Get lost, madwoman!”

It was good that her self-defensive skills had come in handy this time, allowing her to attack the vital spots on her enemy as they exchanged blows .

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