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Published at 18th of October 2020 08:31:44 PM
Chapter 1983: Return the child to me!

She even forgot to run away!

There was only one lamp on the balcony and the light rays from it were extremely dim . Therefore, she was not able to see the woman’s face clearly . She only saw the white-washed patient gown on her, and how the woman seemed to be a little insane . Right after Yun Shishi spoke, the woman let out a sudden eerie laugh .

“He he! He he…”

The woman only stood there laughing crazily to herself . As her gaze fell on Yun Shishi, she began to close in on her .

Yun Shishi’s expression turned rigid .

Her laughter sounded too sinister, like a malicious spirit that came from purgatory, baring fangs and brandishing claws . It was utterly horrific, as if she was here to take away her life .

Yun Shishi felt stifled as she retreated instinctively out of fear . She had forgotten to run at that moment .

“Yun Shishi… Yun Shishi! You’ve put me in such a terrible state!”

The woman laughed maniacally while raising her head . Her shrill and sharp voice reverberated throughout the empty balcony, causing her to shiver all over with goosebumps!

“You’ve caused me to be in such a terrible state! Return the child to me, return the child to me!”

Her sharp voice as she hooted in a shrill manner was enough to burst another’s eardrums .

As the light rays illuminated her face, Yun Shishi was finally able to see the malevolent and warped face of the woman .

It was an unfamiliar yet familiar face at the same time .

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“Mu… Mu Wanrou?!”

Yun Shishi’s expression completely changed as her face paled in an instant .

She was completely unaware that this was the woman in front of her, until now .


Why was it her?!

She had no idea why Mu Wanrou had turned into such a state!

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Yun Shishi furrowed her brows as she almost suffocated from panic . She tightened her fists and watched every single one of her actions fixedly with a guarded expression .

As she noticed the words printed on the woman’s patient gown, she realized it was from some psychiatric hospital .

She had a profound memory of this psychiatric hospital .

It was the capital’s most well-known psychiatric nursing institution, where many patients with severe disorders were kept .

Her impression of Mu Wanrou had been someone noble, refined, poised, and beautiful . But now, what was once her black and beautiful silk hair had become ash-colored and was as messy as withered grass .

She did not know what the woman had gone through during this period, but her black, silk hair was now blended with much white hair . From far, she looked like she had aged several years in one night!

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Her appearance had gone through great changes as the wrinkles on her forehead were deep and her face looked morbidly pale and haggard . Her eye sockets and cheeks had sunken in while her cheekbones had protruded out from how skinny she was . Especially that pair of lips of hers, which were dried up and cracked like the grounds of Mother Earth in the past .

She had gotten thin .

Initially, she was a little stout . But now, she was skinny to the bones like a walking skeleton . It was not an exaggeration to describe her that way at all .

Her wrists were all skin and bones, and her veins were obvious . Yun Shishi had no idea what kind of torture she had gone through as her body was covered in bruises while her neck had plenty of scratches . Albeit healing, there were scars that were unbearable to look at as if her flesh had been gouged out in a raw manner . It was extremely disgusting .

“Don’t come near me!”

Yun Shishi glared at her vigilantly and was extremely guarded against her .

“Return the child to me, ha ha ha! Return the child to me! Return my flesh and blood to me!”

After a devastating and insane laugh, she calmed down all of a sudden . The abrupt change back to normal from her insane behavior made it seem like everything had just been an act .

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