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Published at 18th of October 2020 02:25:06 AM
Chapter 1982: 1982

When she thought about this, she shivered unconsciously .

A person under extreme fear was more likely to let their imagination roam . It had been proven that human imagination was often scarier than reality .

Yun Shishi settled down and looked around, but she did not see a figure on this huge rooftop .

Qin Zhou was not here .

He was not here!

She looked at her phone suspiciously . Unlocking it, the woman checked the manager’s message once again .

She thought that she had misread the message, but she did not . He had indeed asked her to meet him on the rooftop .

The actress was feeling slightly angry . She did not know what her agent was thinking exactly . Did he not say that he needed to speak with her about something?

She made it for their rendezvous here, but where was he?

Could this be a prank?!

The woman had her doubts . She knew of Qin Zhou’s two-faced demeanor and how he seemed to like teasing others for fun . Usually, he would speak rather indecently . It seemed that this was one of his pranks to her, too!

When she thought about this, Yun Shishi became even angrier, but most of it was directed to herself . That indecent fellow was teasing her by saying that he had an important matter to talk about, and she had actually fallen for it—hook, line and sinker .

Perhaps she was being oversensitive!

Letting out a huff, she turned around and was ready to leave .

However, she was charmed by the night view in front of her eyes .

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As a developed urban area, Sea City was famous for its waterfront view .

This hotel was not far from the sea, with only a small distance needed to travel via a car, and as she stood on the twenty-eighth floor of this hotel, overlooking the city’s nightscape, she could see the endless ocean from afar . The water formed one body with the sky, making it hard to distinguish the seacoast and to see the horizons .

She originally thought that the best time to appreciate the view of the sea was when the sun was shining brightly .

It had never crossed her mind that the seascape at night could be so stunning .

The landscape lamps lining the coast seemed like shining stars in the vast sky .

The actual stars in the sky and the moon were reflected on the sea surface, creating a picturesque charm with the gleaming reflection of the waves .

Yun Shishi reached out for her phone and mulled over taking a photo of this beautiful scenery .

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She opened the gadget’s camera, only to see that it was in selfie mode .

Many phone applications were pointing at the users to take selfies . Therefore, the first thing that popped up when she opened the camera app was its selfie mode .

The sudden appearance of her face on the screen shocked her .

She instantly planned to switch the camera’s mode, but just as her fingertip touched the button, she abruptly noticed that someone was standing behind her .

While still stunned, she had already switched to the camera on the back of her phone .


On the screen earlier, there was clearly someone standing behind her .

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A woman with disheveled hair, wearing a patient’s uniform .

Yun Shishi broke out in a cold sweat . Thinking that it was probably just her imagination, she slowly turned around . However, she was horrified to see that a woman with hair as messy as a rice straw had unknowingly approached her back .


The scene was too shocking to the point that she trembled harshly, causing her phone to fall to the ground .

She stumbled a few steps backward in shock as she looked at the woman before her in fright . Her eyes widened, obviously shocked by the situation .

“You… Who are you?!”

Her thoughts were extremely jumbled due to her fright, causing her to be completely frozen on the spot .

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