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Published at 18th of October 2020 12:00:05 AM
Chapter 1981: 1981
Chapter 1981: Letting Her Imagination Roam

Her forehead creased . She, somehow, found something fishy about this matter and truly regretted not paying attention to her manager when he mentioned his room number to her .

Just then, her phone lit up again .

She looked down at it and noticed that she had received a text .

[Shishi, I have something to discuss with you; I’ll be waiting for you on the rooftop . ]

The woman stood up at once, which made the actor nervously follow suit . “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to look for Qin Zhou . He said that he’ll be waiting for me on the rooftop . ”

No matter which angle one looked at it, this was somewhat strange for the manager to ask his charge to meet him on the rooftop in the middle of the night .

“I’ll go with you,” offered Hua Jin, who was obviously worried about her safety .

The actress shook her head in refusal, however . “No need! He is probably using alcohol to drown out his sorrows on the rooftop and just wants me to accompany him for a little chat . ”

“Oh… Okay . ”

He nodded rather hesitantly as he gazed at her worriedly . “Be careful, then . It’s cold up there . Try not to catch a cold . ”

“Alright; thank you . ”

The concern he showed her was real, and that warmed her heart considerably . She then left his room and headed for the elevator .

As no elevator directly reached the rooftop, she needed to ride the lift going to the last floor before climbing up the stairs to reach her destination .

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The hotel had a total of twenty-seven floors, excluding the rooftop, which was located on the highest level—the twenty-eighth floor .

Upon reaching the twenty-seventh floor, she rounded a corner . She walked past a long corridor until she finally caught sight of the stairs leading to the rooftop .

The woman placed her phone in her pocket and slowly made her way up the stairs .

Her footsteps sounded loud and clear in this deafening silence when her footwear met the marble flooring, instilling a deep, dreary yet repressed feeling in her heart .

This overly quiet stairwell was probably rarely visited; thus, the lights here lacked maintenance, resulting in them flickering on and off inconsistently .

Just like how it was in horror movies, she somehow felt that there was a pair of vengeful eyes staring hungrily at her from a dark corner behind . It felt as though they were staring straight at her spine, seemingly capable of piercing through her body with just a look .

Her heart started pounding in fear .

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The staircase leading to the rooftop was very long and narrow, so she moved slowly under the dim lights . However, the dead silence, coupled with a sense of unease and fear, began to make her panicky .

An overwhelming sixth sense gradually hit her .

It was not an illusion at all . She could truly sense someone staring at her from behind, just like how a fierce beast would eye its prey .

That feeling hit her hard .

It’s just your imagination!

How could it be real?

Despite comforting herself with this thought, her wandering mind made her break out in a cold sweat .

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She dared not look back at all, feeling that that person would pounce at her the moment she did!

The terrified woman could not help slightly regretting her useless persistence earlier .

Why did I refuse Hua Jin’s offer to accompany me here when I am clearly feeling afraid?

She no longer dared to dally . Taking a deep breath, she dashed toward the rooftop like a madwoman in a spurt of energy and pushed open the slightly ajar door . What welcomed her on the rooftop, however, was the biting wind and a boundless, starry sky .

The hotel’s rooftop was very spacious even with the water tank mounted there .

The sight of that huge water tank sent her into a trance before she suddenly recalled a piece of news that she had seen previously .

A Chinese-Canadian girl had mysteriously gone missing in a hotel abroad and was later found in that hotel’s water tank; her bloated body from drowning had rotted by then .

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