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Published at 18th of October 2020 12:00:08 AM
Chapter 1980

His question amused her .

“Why would I look for you in the middle of the night?”

“Well, you can find me whenever you want,” answered the idol matter-of-factly . “There are plenty of things we can do together . ”

It got her raising a brow in puzzlement as she shot him a doubtful look .

He could tell that there was a deep, profound meaning in those eyes; in case the woman would let her imagination run wild, he immediately explained himself in a gentlemanly manner . “We can chat and play cards . ”

Yun Shishi shook her head with a smile . “I can’t play cards for the life of me . My skills at playing ‘Fight the Landlord’1 is only at an average level . I’ll only be losing money . ”

“I can always give you a handicap if you’re a lousy player,” offered the actor with a laugh .

She mischievously retorted, “What a rich man you are . ”

“We can always play mahjong . ”

“I don’t know how to play that, either . ”

The man gaped at her . “What do you know, then?”

She did not bother to give him a reply . Having already wasted a lot of time, she was anxious to find her manager and ask him why he was looking for her . “Hmph! I’m not telling you . Don’t get me involved with your crazy antics just because you’re bored and not sleepy . I’ll be heading back to my room to rest for the night once I locate Qin Zhou . I have an early morning flight to catch tomorrow . ”

“Shishi, just a sec!” He hastily cried when he saw her turning to leave .

“What do you want?”

The actress regarded him warily, unsure of what he was up to .

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“You don’t know what your agent’s room number is, do you?”

“Yeah . What about it?”

“I can help you ask around . ”

Five minutes later, the artist sat quite uncomfortably in the idol’s room as she surveyed her surroundings .

The luxurious suite he was staying in was twice as big as hers . More importantly, it came with a garden terrace overlooking the stunning nightscape . She felt as though she were high up in the vast, starry sky when she looked in the distance .

Sitting by the side table, Hua Jin, who had a phone in his hand, could not resist laughing when he saw the woman marveling at the garden terrace . “Do you like it a lot?”

“Yes, I love it!” she gushed . “It’s lovely here . This is truly such a luxurious suite . ”

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“One can quietly appreciate the nightscape in this garden suite . ”

While he dialed the number of the front desk, he smilingly said, “You can stay here tonight if you like it so much . ”

It earned him a pillow whack from the woman . “Zip it! Are you playing the gangster here?”

“No, I wouldn’t dare—ow! It hurts…”

He covered his nose and repeatedly begged for mercy . Amid their jesting, the call to the reception connected . The idol immediately asked, “Hello . I’d like to inquire about a guest’s room number . ”

Standing at the side, Yun Shishi was hit by a sudden realization .

To think I was wondering why he’s calling the front desk . It turns out that I could’ve asked the receptionist for Qin Zhou’s room number .

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How stupid of me!

How did I fail to think of that?

I’m such a dimwit .

She then noticed a frown on the actor’s face, who soon adopted a puzzled look . “What do you mean by ‘the system got hacked’?”

“It’s like this… The front-desk server was hacked earlier, resulting in the hotel’s system to crash . Our technicians are already working on the issue and trying to repair the system . It happened so suddenly and without warning that we were caught unprepared . Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you . We’ve already registered your query, but due to the crash of our system, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to provide the information you need any time soon . ”

The receptionist was apparently feeling very sorry about it for she apologized profusely to him .

Soon, he ended the call; the actress immediately asked, “How is it?”

“The receptionist said that they’re unable to check the room information on their system as it has crashed due to their server getting hacked . ”

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