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Published at 18th of October 2020 12:00:10 AM
Chapter 1979

She made several calls, but they were to no avail .

Is the hotel’s signal poor?

That’s strange, though .

Qin Zhou had the habit of keeping his phone on at all times, and his phone’s receiving signal was excellent . There were times when her phone failed to receive a single bar of signal whereas his was full .

Yun Shishi made a dozen or so calls in total, yet not once did the line connect .

It got her frowning . She left the bed and went to change her clothes, specifically adding a layer of jacket due to the cold weather tonight, before leaving the hotel room with her room keycard .

From what she recalled, her manager was staying in Room 1502 .

Her room was on the fourteenth floor, while his was on the fifteenth floor . The man mentioned his room number to her earlier and told her that she could look for him there in the case that something happened .

Alas, the artist did not pay close attention to what he said then; thus, she did not clearly take note of his room number .

For a moment, she felt a bit annoyed with herself but could only try to search for him based on her fuzzy memory .

When the elevator reached the fifteenth floor, she walked out of it and headed straight to Room 1502 . The actress gently pressed on the doorbell .

Ding dong—

It rang several times, but no one answered the door .

That got her frowning and feeling confused .  Isn’t his room number 1502?

Just as she was about to leave, she heard the door being unlocked behind her .

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The woman turned around in surprise, only to see the now open door revealing a tired-looking Hua Jin . He even spoke in a curt and harsh tone, “Who’s there—ah…”

His sentence was left hanging when he saw who it was outside . A streak of surprise flashed across his eyes . The icy look on his face faded off and was replaced by a smile .

“Shishi? Are you looking for me?”

The man was wearing a bathrobe and his damp hair was stuck messily to his forehead . The pleasant surprise he felt made his charming, almond-shaped eyes shone slightly .

Meanwhile, her gaze involuntarily drifted down his body, where the bathrobe, which accentuated his long, slender figure, revealed the sexily defined muscles on his chest slightly .

On set, he was usually seen wearing a form-fitting period costume, which made him look just like a handsome gentleman of ancient times with his slender frame . His waist appeared to be so thin that it could easily snap .

She never imagined that he would be the type to appear slim in clothes yet muscular and stylish with his clothes off .

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Realizing that she was gawking at him, the smiling, young man followed her line of sight and looked at his chest, too . He then somewhat shyly adjusted his bathrobe as a teasing smirk grew on his face .

“Is the view nice?”

Her face turned beet-red at once as she tore her gaze away with a turn of her head . She cleared her throat . “I saw nothing . ”

“Yep, I know . ”

The smiling crescents deepened, but he did not expose her lie .

The woman felt thoroughly embarrassed when she sensed his good intentions . Thus, she spun on her feet at once, all ready to leave .

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That instantly wiped the smirk off his face as he nervously asked, “Where are you going?!”

“I’m going back to my room . ”

“Aren’t you looking for me?” He called her . “What’s the matter?”

She turned around and immediately explained, “No… I got the wrong room; that’s all . I thought Qin Zhou was staying in that room . ”

Hua Jin’s expression froze before a look of desolation settled on his face . He soon understood that the actress had come knocking at his door because she had misremembered her manager’s room number .

Disappointment grew in him . He thought that she had come looking for him; alas, it turned out to be just his wistful thinking .

“You’re actually looking for your manager and not me?”

“Yes . ”

His question amused her .

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