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Published at 11th of October 2020 10:45:07 PM
Chapter 1963: 1963
Chapter 1963: Perishing the Unobtainable

Song Enya dazedly watched the man leave . As she looked at his cold and resolute back, she broke down into tears .

As if a knife were piercing his heart, Song Yunxi walked over and carried his sister . He placed her on the bed . His eyes widened in shock when he looked down to see the back of her hand drenched in fresh blood!

“What happened to you?!”

“She probably pulled out the needle . I’m going to call the nurse to fix it,” said Jiang Qimeng .

“You are not allowed to go!”

“Can you all just stop making a fuss about me?!” screamed Song Enya .

“Stop causing trouble!” He chided her with an unyielding attitude .

Alas, this firm attitude of his undoubtedly provoked her further .

She pushed him away and covered her face with the bed covers, letting herself cry without any restraint .

“Stop bothering me! Go away! It would be great if you could all leave! Let me run my course!”

Hearing that, her brother furiously berated, “What nonsense are you blabbering?! How could we stop caring about you and let you be?! Why are you going all crazy?! How could you torture yourself into such a state just because of one man?!”

Their mother was heartbroken . She went forward and grabbed her son by the sleeve, asking him not to say any more .

He brushed her away . “Mom, why are you still protecting her even now?!”

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“Your sister is upset enough; stop inciting her!” she said, her heart aching .

“Incite?! I should scold her . It’s best if I scold her until she regains her senses! Look at her now; what has she turned into?! Committing suicide by cutting her wrist—if this were to get out, wouldn’t everyone laugh their heads off at us?! The daughter of a respectable mayor disregarded ethics and went crazy for a man—even I am embarrassed for her!”

Song Enya raised her head suddenly and confronted him . “Are you done? Did I ask you to care about me? If you think I am an embarrassment, then stop bothering with me!”


Song Yunxi pointed his finger at her, unable to restrain his anger, but his sister refused to back down . She kept her head held high and glared at him .

He swung his arm furiously and walked to the side, his anger hardly dissipating .

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“How many times have I told you that it’s impossible between you and our uncle?! It isn’t like I have never given you advice before and told you to forget about having such a thought, but with things this way now, the friendly relations between our families are probably about to break!”

As he spoke, he turned his head to glare at her . “You are no longer young . You are no longer seven or eight years old . You can’t be so stubborn anymore!”

“I don’t care! Even if I can’t have him, I won’t let anyone get a share of him! If worse comes to worst, everyone will be unable to have him!” retorted Song Enya willfully .

Song Yunxi was rendered speechless as he choked on his anger .

If Jiang Qimeng was not protecting her right now, he would surely land a slap on her face!

Such a weak sister! Why was she so persistent?!

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It was no wonder that their uncle would leave so angrily .

Even other men would likely find her unreasonable!

Their mother stood at the side helplessly . As she looked at her daughter, whom she loved so dearly, being in such a sorry state, she felt pained, but she hated the latter for being such a disappointment, too .

Thankfully, her husband did not know about this matter .

If not, their daughter would surely be grounded .

Song Yunxi shook his head, thoroughly disappointed with his sister . “It’s because this family has always been here for you, spoiling you from the very start, that you ended up with such a temper . It’s too late for me to regret it now!”

This sister of his was born after him . At that time, they still did not have Song Enxi .

It could be said that plenty of love was showered on her .

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