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Published at 11th of October 2020 10:45:12 PM
Chapter 1961

“Did you come here to criticize me violently?”

Song Enya’s heart was struck painfully by him . She kept her mouth shut while her expression was miserable . “I was not putting on a show for you! Don’t say it that way! You didn’t have to come; I didn’t ask you to, either, did I?!”

However, Mu Yazhe only snorted coldly . “It’s good that you’re not putting on a show, or else I’d think that you’re cheap for being like this!”


She gave a distressed smile, suddenly feeling icy cold where her heart was!

Every word of his was ten thousand times crueler than the pain her body was enduring!

Even on the brink of death, she had not shed a tear, yet at this moment, his heartless words caused two streaks of them to fall from her eyes and into the gap between her lips as she bit her mouth hard .

“Brother Mu, how could you treat me so cruelly?! What did I do wrong for you to spout such heartless words to hurt me?!”

Hurt her?

Was he the one who had hurt her?!

She was the one cheapening herself by inflicting self-harm .

He glanced at her injury again and investigated it carefully .

Although the cut was deep, it was not at a fatal spot . She had at least preserved a leeway . Even if she had bled for a long time, it was not enough to be life-threatening .

If she had slit open the main artery, she would have lost her life within an hour .

Since she had purposely left a leeway, then he did not need to think much about this to know what her motive was!

When he entered the hospital ward and glanced at her initially, he really believed that she was seeking death, but after settling down and thinking about it carefully, he only felt immense disappointment!

She dared use such means to put on a show for him to watch!

Did she want him to pity her?!

He was born into a wealthy family . He had borne witness to the in-fighting for affection, so he had a vast knowledge of countless despicable schemes .

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Her cheap tricks had already been overused by the few junior wives in his family alone .

Did she think that he would be unable to tell?

“Importunate . ” He sneered and spat this word .


Song Enya widened her eyes in shock . At this point, she could no longer hold back her tears, and they rolled down her cheeks and onto the clean bedsheets .

She grabbed it rigidly . The missy was teeming with indignance, yet she could not find an outlet to vent everything out .


She plotted this . She had purposely tortured herself just for a glance from him .


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She was importunate for she wholeheartedly wanted to win his heart .


Why had she become a person with no sense of shame based on his words?

Was it wrong to love someone?

“You never used to treat me like this in the past! Why? Why are you being so cruel to me? This is not fair!”

Song Enya fell apart and cried bitterly .

This was not fair .

What right did Yun Shishi have to own all of him?

Even if she did not ask for any status and only wished for a third of the love he gave to that woman, why could he not satisfy this small ambition of hers?!

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“Enough . ”

The man tugged on his lips coldly, appearing to be very impatient . “I’m warning you one last time: I am very busy and don’t have the time to play house with you . ”

With that, he got up and moved to leave .

She was completely anxious . She picked up a glass beside her and tossed it harshly in his direction .


The cup flew past his shoulder and smashed against the door, breaking into pieces as it landed on the ground .

It was like her scattered and smashed heart .

“Stop! Don’t leave!”

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