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Chapter 1949: 1949

“I… Are you blaming me for this?” Jiang Qimeng was infuriated . “How could you say such things? Did you and your sister set out to aggravate me?”

“I wouldn’t dare . ”

Song Yunxi snorted coldly before drinking a mouthful of tea, sinking into the couch weakly .

“The issue with the mercenaries is exhausting enough, mentally and physically, yet I still have to come back and coax those baby sisters of mine . Mom, stop pampering her so much . Enya is all grown up now . She has her opinions when she does things . ”

“…Opinions?” She was momentarily speechless . “What kind of good opinions can that lass have? She causes trouble all day . Yazhe doesn’t like her at all, yet she still latches onto him . Wouldn’t she just look like a joke to others?”

“Uncle Mu is her relative; they are blood-related . No matter how much she likes him, she needs to know that there is a limit . I think she has gone crazy and doesn’t even care about this basic ethics concept . It is laughable that she even dared to think about being with her uncle,” responded her son .

“To be honest, if two people truly have feelings for each other, it isn’t impossible for them to be together . There are many families wherein cousins can get married . It isn’t a secret and can also not lead to mockery per se . ” She paused for a moment before continuing to voice her opinion . “I must say: I like that young chap . He’s extraordinarily capable and outstanding . No one in the Mu family is as courageous and as responsible as him, so I don’t object to it . The problem is that your uncle only sees your sister as his sibling . One can’t force things like feelings toward another . Plus, he is a stubborn—”

“Mom, have you gone mad, too? If dad were to hear your words, he’d go ballistic,” Her son interrupted her words . “Sis is causing trouble because of her lack of sensibility, yet you want to join in, too? This is utter chaos . ”

She was rendered speechless from anger .

To be honest, she really liked Mu Yazhe .

Unfortunately, that young chap only saw and treated her daughter as his sister .

She let out a sigh and asked, “Are you hungry? If you are, I will prepare some food for you . ”

Song Yunxi waved his hand . “There’s no need! I’m not hungry . I’ve already eaten . ”

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He paused for a moment before continuing . “Even if I haven’t, I’m already full from being angered by Enya . ”

Jiang Qimeng was divided between laughing and crying . Even as she sat next to her son, she still looked deeply worried .

“I don’t know who your sister got her temper!”

Her son’s anger had evidently not dissipated yet, for he replied unhappily, “She’s been pampered and treated like a princess since young . How good could her temper be?”

“She’s your sister! How could you say such things about her as her brother?” she reprimanded .

“Fine . I won’t speak anymore, alright? Look; I only said a few words, and you’re already defending her! It would be strange if she didn’t become spoiled!”

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Song Yunxi stood up impatiently and walked up the stairs .

“Where are you going?” She questioned him .

“I’m going to read in the study—and sleep!”

He was in a terrible mood and did not want to talk to his mother any longer .

Jiang Qimeng shook her head but did not say anything else .

In the bedroom, Song Enya stood at the balcony and called a number .

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“How is the planning going?”

“Miss, you don’t have to worry . Everything has been arranged properly . We have already sneaked her out and are just waiting for you to deal with her . ”

“Watch her carefully and don’t let her get away!”

She had a cruel smile on her face as she said slowly, “I want to put her into use the day after tomorrow . ”

“We understand . ”

Putting down the phone, she raised her gaze quietly and looked at the pitch-black garden as her lips curved into a cold arch .

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