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Published at 6th of October 2020 02:25:07 PM
Chapter 1947: 1947

The lady had not stepped out of her room for three consecutive days .

This meant that she had not eaten or drunk during this period .

Her brother was worried sick over her . He had no idea what could have caused her to lock herself in her room this time .

His mother informed him of his sister’s strange behavior the moment he returned from his camp . Obviously, something had upset her to cause a tantrum like this .

“Has she stepped out of the room in these past three days?”

“No… but she did open the door once . ”

“When was that?”

The servant could still feel a chill running down her spine as she narrated her woeful encounter with the missy last night .

The young woman answered when the maid knocked at her door to deliver her food, but the lady did not look at all like her usual self . With her haggard face looking expressionless, the spoiled missy flipped the tray that the maid held in her hands when the latter tried to pass it to her .

The poor servant fell to the floor and was badly scalded by the hot broth . In the end, her hands needed to be treated and bandaged .

This was not the first time the spoiled brat had taken her temper out on the servants . The rich girl was too temperamental to be waited upon and always wanted to have her way . She was indubitably the worst in the entire household .

The servant reminded cautiously as she looked at the young master, “Sir, what do we do? The missy hasn’t eaten for three days now . Her body may be unable to hold out any longer . ”

“Must I need your reminder?” The man sniggered in ire .

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He knocked on the door lightly before calling his sister’s name gently . “Enya, it’s me; can you open the door, please?”

Nothing stirred inside the room .

The man furrowed his brows quizzically . He knocked and called a few more times to no avail . There was neither a reply nor movement observed .

Feeling skeptical, he turned to the servant . “Are you sure that the young lady has not stepped out of the house at all? Is she really inside this room?”

“Yes! Missy didn’t leave the room at all . The servants have been keeping watch outside . We didn’t see her leave the room . ”

Just as the man was beginning to doubt the servant’s report, he heard approaching footsteps from the other side of the door .

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His face broke into a grin as the door was opened from the inside but was taken aback at the look of his sister who showed up before him .

The lady had become unrecognizable in the span of three days .

She had not taken any food or had drunk anything during this period; neither had she removed her makeup . He could tell that she had been crying all this time with her puffy, red eyes and swollen cheeks . Her face looked terrible due to the lack of sleep .


“Hi, brother, welcome home…”

The woman greeted him with vacuous eyes . Without any expression on her dusky and lifeless face, she appeared like a broken-down puppet with hollow eyes .

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“What… happened to you?”

He had never seen his sister in such a pathetic state before .

“He he… I’m very well,” she answered impassively, not a hint of emotion in sight

He was expecting her to exhibit the same behavior as in the past, either taking her anger out on the servants or coming to cry in his arms .

There was none of that . Instead, she gazed back at him with her eerie and empty-looking orbs . It was as if she were staring right through him and beyond .

The servant was equally mortified . Plucking up her courage, she probed the young lady . “Miss, do you want to eat something? Everyone is worried—”

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