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Published at 6th of October 2020 02:25:06 AM
Chapter 1946: 1946

The actor was the upcoming film festival’s star VIP, but it appeared that he would not be attending after all .

Surely, the absence of the male lead of ‘The Green Apple’ would invite gossip and speculations .

Yun Shishi switched off her mobile and slumped back in her chair .

Showbiz could be so cruel sometimes . Although she was still new to this industry, she already had her fair share of this dog-eat-dog world .

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on it .

By the time her husband reached home, she had already dozed off in bed . Her phone had landed on the floor when it slipped off her clutching palm, with its screen still glaring brightly .

He picked up the device and glanced at it; she had been busy memorizing a script before she fell asleep .

The man smiled resignedly, readjusted her quilt, and gave her a gentle peck on the cheek .

His soft touch was enough to rouse her from sleep . The woman was startled to see him when she opened her groggy eyes .

“You’re back . ” She grouched while rubbing her eyes . “It’s late . Why did you come home so late today?”

“I was delayed by some matters in the office . ”

“Have you eaten?” she asked worriedly . He had a bad case of gastritis; thus, she was fussy about him having his meals promptly .

“Yup . ” He smiled and sat next to her on the bed . While smoothing her tousled hair, he commented, “How is it possible that you can worry about me when you can’t even take care of yourself?”

“That’s not true . I take good care of myself . ”

She slowly sat up on the bed and hugged him by the waist . Quietly, she sat there with her eyes dipped low, greedily enjoying this moment of peace with her face plastered on his strong, sturdy spine .

She loved to embrace him in this manner, feeling safe and secured with him as her support .

Only he could give her this overwhelming sense of tranquility and security .

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“It’s so good to have you by my side . ”

Every night was bliss with him next to her . She could fall into a restful slumber and sleep through the night without fear .

He made her feel so safe .

The man allowed her to hold him in this way without fidgeting . He, too, enjoyed this moment of serenity with her after a hard day’s work .

“Alright . It’s time for you to sleep . I have to wash up now . ”

She showed no sign of letting go as she continued to rest her face on his back without a word .

He could not do anything except to give in to her whims .

“Aren’t you tired?”

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“Yes, I am . ”

Her vulnerability was fully exposed as she lethargically lay on his back with her full weight on him; it showed the depth of her reliance on this man .

“Go to bed early if you’re tired . ”

She hummed a soft acknowledgement but refused to let him go still . “Let me hold you just a while more . ”

The man broke into a chuckle and pinched her nose lightly . “Little fool . ”

He liked to know that she needed him; besides, he also wanted to enjoy this warm, fuzzy moment with her .

If only time could stop right here, right now .

“Silly girl, it’s time to sleep . The night is turning cold, and you won’t want to catch a cold . You won’t be able to walk the red carpet the day after tomorrow if you fall sick . ”

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The man was finally able to coax the woman to bed .

After nodding her head slightly in agreement, she lay down in bed like a docile kitten .

Covering her with a quilt and giving her forehead a soft kiss, he went to have a shower .

By the time he finished his hot shower, the creature in bed had fallen into a deep slumber . Time seemed to dip in serenity as the lamp cast a gentle glow on her pretty face…

He got in bed, held her in his arms, and drifted into dreamland, too .

At the Song Residence .

Song Yunxi was outside his sister’s bedroom with the servant standing next to him . The maid was holding a tray of food, which had been reheated several times, as the missy refused to step out of her room .

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