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Published at 6th of October 2020 12:00:07 AM
Chapter 1945: 1945

Since she had only recently made her debut, she would be attending the awards ceremony as a newbie . Qin Zhou emphasized that she should not try to steal the edge and just walk quietly down the red carpet with Mu Yazhe . Thereafter, she should wait for the distribution of the awards .

Stars would be everywhere as celebrities gathered at the venue . The best actors and actresses, as well as the highly experienced artists, would all be attending the ceremony .

Some celebrities were easy to interact with and gracious, while others had a strange temper . The latter type was extremely sensitive and had strong hostility and wariness toward the newbies .

The artist must take note of this .

She should take the initiative in greeting the seniors and ought to accept humbly any advice from them .

If she met any unfriendly celebrities, she should interact with them peacefully .

After all, she was still a greenhorn with unstable footing in showbiz at present . Being ostracized by others was relatively normal .

No matter which territory it was, newbies would always find it hard to mix in .

Everyone had been a newbie before . Even a submissive daughter-in-law would one day become a domineering mother-in-law . Those with much experience would naturally act like a bigger shot and put on airs .

She should just cater to them a little and avoid any unnecessary disputes .

To be honest, Qin Zhou was rather worried that Yun Shishi would be ostracized during the awards ceremony . After all, she was a newbie with strong momentum . Along with several billion box-office sales, and now with ‘The Green Apple’ breaking the record for the most-watched Chinese film, many people were hostile toward her and had a good deal of conjectures .

However, he later found out that his charge would be walking the red carpet with Chairman Mu, and they were arranged to sit together at the ceremony, too .

With that man’s presence, she would likely not have to deal with much trouble .

After a while, the manager sent over the media’s interview script .

Some of the important points were laid out and the safe answers had already been drafted as well . He had her memorize everything and be spontaneous when the need arose .

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As she sighed at his attentiveness and consideration, she could not help but ask, “Will there be interviews during the awards ceremony?”

“It isn’t an exclusive interview but a routine interview with all the staff of the ‘The Green Apple’ . They are very simple questions, so it’s fine if you just adlib some and recite a line for others . I’ve already informed the media, and there will be no tricky questions . ”

“As long as there are no crafty questions, it’s fine . ”

“Don’t worry . The media outlets have already communicated with us earlier . The questions in the script you are holding now are what they will be asking that day . Memorize everything written in it and answer accordingly . ”


After ending the call with Qin Zhou, she scrolled through Weibo for a while .

Unsurprisingly, she received explosive shares of her Weibo and a hundred thousand likes .

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This was what it meant to be famous, huh .

She did not feel like much had changed after gaining popularity .

As a public figure, she had to sacrifice many things in her private life .

Apart from that, there was not much difference .

Perhaps this was because she had a better attitude and managed to adapt to things quickly .

As usual, she went to the Weibo of Gu Xingze, whose latest post was a picture of himself half-naked in the bathroom .

That was the promise he had made for their film breaking box-office record .

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After this post, there was no other activity from him .

He had really vanished without a trace .

Besides not having any scandals or announcements, Mu Yazhe’s bans on him were all around .

All the commercials he had endorsed were down from TV . Although it was due to the contracts, some print commercials from huge brands still appeared at shopping malls .

However, from Qin Zhou’s understanding, the superstar had accepted many scripts and commercials this year, but because of the ban, everything was canceled .

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