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Chapter 1944: 1944

Although it was a pure and honest idea, when it was said by him, it sounded as if he had Oedipus complex!

Yun Shishi looked at the two fellas and broke into a chuckle .

“Youyou, you are not allowed to bully your brother!”


He looked at her innocently and felt defenseless .

He eventually released his hold of his brother helplessly, but his cold gaze on him seemed to tell the latter not to spout any more nonsense .

Little Yichen did an ‘OK’ hand sign .

Their mother changed out of her gown as a few assistants went forward to ask about it . She was very pleased with the gown and said, “It is already perfect . Thank you for your hard work! You all must’ve gone through a lot of trouble to rush out this gown, right?”

Several assistants exchanged glances before letting out a sigh .

“Madam Yun, everything is great as long as you are satisfied . It is our job to go through the trouble! Clients come first . Your satisfaction is our pursuit . ”

After sending away the people from the studio, the younger lad pestered her by asking, “Mommy, are you walking the red carpet with daddy during the awards’ ceremony the day after tomorrow?”

“Eh? How did you know?”

“Daddy said it . ”

Youyou smiled, but deep down, he was slightly glum . “I want to walk with mommy down the red carpet, too . ”

Little Yichen lowered his head in a lonely manner as well . “I envy daddy so much . He gets to walk our beautiful mommy down the red carpet . ”

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“Daddy said it for us to hear . Isn’t it obvious that he’s flaunting to us? The younger of the twins hugged his chest bitterly as he was whelmed with indignance . “For a blockhead like daddy to follow after the current trend and make his affection public, he sure is mature . ”


Yun Shishi stared at them blankly, torn between laughing and crying .

These two fellas sure know how to be dramatic .

She crouched in front of them . Silent for a moment, she smiled and said eventually, “One day, I will also let you both walk with me on the red carpet, alright?”

When the twins heard this, they looked up in surprise and disbelief . Both then asked at the same time, “Really?”

Little Yichen was especially excited and emotional . “Can we really walk on the red carpet with mommy?”

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“Mm! The day I become one of the best actresses, I will bring you two to walk with me on the red carpet . ”

The older boy was overjoyed, and he began to clap his hands . “That’s awesome! I love you, mommy!”

As for Youyou, he reacted meaningfully . “Mommy, you’d better not make us wait too long for that day!”

She broke into a cold sweat for a moment . “I won’t . I will keep my promise . ”

“He he!” Her older son suddenly laughed . “It’s the awards ceremony the day after tomorrow . Are you not nervous at all?”

“Nope . ”

“Why not?”

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The boy smiled . “There is a high chance that you’ll be nominated, but this year’s competition seems to be stiff . You must try your best and clinch the biggest prize!”

“Thank you for your words!” In a great mood, Yun Shishi placed a kiss on his forehead .

Her younger son instantly began to act petulant . “I want one, too! I want your sweet kiss, too!”

“Little fool . ” With a face full of adoration, she moved over and kissed her son’s soft cheek .

Youyou’s face felt as if it had been bathed in cow’s milk . He had a nice milky scent .

She caressed his head and secretly promised to let these kids walk with her down the red carpet when she had the chance .

This was her real dream .

That night, Qin Zhou asked if the gown fit her .

Following straight after, he informed her seriously about the arrangements during the awards ceremony .

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