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Published at 2nd of October 2020 11:05:15 PM
Chapter 1935

For a young master who was the grandson of the richest person in the capital, Mu Yazhe was someone his frivolous peers could not hold a candle to, so the public was always curious about him .

However, he did not like having his privacy invaded by anyone .

The first time he was exposed to the public’s eyes was when he joined the Mu Group . The young man occupying the chairman’s seat appeared fleetingly on the national news channel . Even though it was just a flash, he trended online as netizens searched for information about him .

That was when the paparazzi started stalking him and secretly taking photos of him .

Of course, as the man was in his youth back then, those who had taken pictures of him ended up in terrible states .

Nothing could be compared to the time when photos of him at his mother’s grave were published online . In a fit of rage, he went all out and had the entire news agency banned from the industry .

From then on, no one dared to stalk or offend this ruthless, young master .

“How annoying; they’re as hateful as flies . ”

Yun Shishi disliked this feeling very much .

Alas, privacy was something she needed to sacrifice as a public figure, for the masses always held curiosity about celebrities like her .

The following day, as Mu Yazhe expected, it was calm and peaceful .

That paparazzo had, in fact, worked on the article until morning after reaching home last night . Unfortunately, when he submitted his piece to his editor for review, the latter smacked his face with it after seeing a familiar face in the photos .

“Do you have any idea who it is in these pictures? The nerve you got to take photos of him! Are you intending for the whole news portal to get into trouble with you?”

He could not make head or tail of the situation and appeared to be entirely at a loss .

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“Boss, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t you know that we can’t anger any of the young masters of the capital’s four major families?! The first and foremost is that bigshot from the Mu Group!”

His jaws dropped . He gaped so wide that his mouth seemed capable of fitting two whole eggs in it when he heard that .

“What? Do you mean that the man in the photos is…”

“Mu Yazhe . Have you heard of that name?”

“Of course… It’s such a prominent name, after all!”

“Why the hell, then, did you still write an article about him?!”

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The editor-in-chief flew into rage .

How fortunate that he had checked the article . If he had been slipshod about this right then and somehow accidentally let these photos slip through, Disheng would surely announce the vicious acquisition of their news portal no later than two days!

Only then did the paparazzo understand the entire situation .  No wonder that man was acting so pompous last night . Turns out that he’s quite a bigshot .

Gosh… I nearly stepped on the toes of a bigshot whom I can’t afford to offend . It looks like I’m still a greenhorn .

Later, the editor-in-chief felt restless enough to break in a cold sweat and immediately phoned Min Yu, hoping that the assistant would help him relay his apologies to the man .

It amused the assistant to no end when he came to know of the matter .

To think that there are still paparazzi around who don’t know my boss! The newbies really don’t know any better!

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He replied with a laugh, “We don’t wish to see a repeat of this next time . ”

“Of course! I assure you that this won’t happen again! I just hope that Chairman Mu won’t get upset over the failure of us to teach our staff properly . I apologize for causing any inconvenience to your boss!”

“Hah! It’s best if you know the rules . My boss hates his privacy getting invaded the most, so please remind your subordinates not to repeat this incident!”

The editor-in-chief immediately thanked him for the warning .

Only a few more days were left to the opening of the film festival .

On a certain day, Yun Shishi returned home early as she was done with work . Her manager had already helped her choose an outfit for the film festival and all her scenes were almost shot these past two days .

While she was on her way home, she received a call from Gong Jie .

“I’m on vacation leave, sis . ”

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