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Published at 1st of October 2020 02:25:14 PM
Chapter 1931

He pointed to an item on the menu and questioned, “What is this silkworm chrysalis?”

As though regarding an imbecile, Yun Shishi lifted her head and flashed him a judgmental look, which was teeming with disdain . “What else can it be? It’s the pupa within the cocoon formed by a silkworm . ”

Of course, I know what a silkworm chrysalis is!

The problem is: Can this thing be eaten?

“That’s a worm!” The man lost his cool . “Can it be eaten at all?”

“It tastes pretty good . ”

“What is this cicada dish, then?” Mu Yazhe’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was acting up . He felt as though a swarm of black bugs was flying in front of him, but before he could look, a wave of queasiness overcame him .

“This shop’s cicadas taste heavenly! A former colleague of mine brought me here and introduced this brand-new world of eating cicadas to me . I found them disgusting initially, too, but I quickly changed my mind at my first taste of them . ”

The world felt too mysterious to him .

He had no idea that insects could be eaten at all .

“Plus, cicadas are rich in medicinal properties . They pose no harm to us and are, in fact, very beneficial to our bodies . The thing about barbeque, though, is that we eat it for the taste . There’s no need to consider whether the food is nutritious or not . Since I’m not eating grilled meat skewers, then the cicadas are a must-order dish!”

Once she was done filling in the order sheet, she handed it over to this roadside stall’s owner .

Very soon, various skewered dishes were served up to them .

The moment the man saw the first dish, he immediately covered his mouth in disgust .

How hardcore this woman’s taste in food is!

Fancy her eating pig brains .

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The grilled pig brains, garnished with spring onions, soy sauce, and garlic puree, smelled especially fragrant with the constantly bubbling oil on the surface .

However, the thought of eating the dish itself was already enough to daunt him .

These are brains!

The woman was rendered speechless . “Hey, what’s with that expression? Need you to react so exaggeratedly? You look like you’re about to puke!”

“I find them repugnant . ”

“Take a bite and you’ll be surprised to find that there’s such a delicacy in this world!” She encouraged him .

He, however, clenched his teeth tightly in response, refusing to give the dish a second look .

Just looking at it was enough to kill his appetite and make him feel sick . If he had to give the brains a try, there was a sure chance of him vomiting his guts out .

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Perhaps, it was due to the westernized education he had received from a young age, but it led him to be fussy with food and have a picky taste . He was considered fine now, but when he was younger, he dared not to take a bite of fish if it was served up in whole on the dining table .

Westerners tended to find meat dishes served with heads particularly repulsive, and this was more apparent when it came to them eating fish . They found it especially frightening to have the fish’s dead eyes staring up at them .

However, since returning from abroad, he had gradually learned to embrace the food culture of his fellow countrymen . It was just that, even now, he could only look from afar and dared not to eat exotic dishes, like brains, feet, and worms .

Unfortunately for him, the woman was bent on having him try the delicacy as she incessantly urged him to take a bite . “Don’t think of it as brains . Just tell yourself that you’re eating a piece of tofu . ”

“I’m not eating these . ”

His attitude was firm and unwavering .

She pouted at that . “Oh, please . Can you just man up? Even I dare to eat it; why don’t you have the guts? What’s the big deal about eating brains? You even eat snails!”

Those remarks successfully provoked him .

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Squishing his brows together, he took a long look at her before shutting his eyes determinedly and allowing her to feed him a spoonful of mashed pig brains .

Inwardly, he constantly brainwashed himself into thinking, It’s just tofu… It’s just tofu…

The man endured his discomfort and swallowed the food straight down without savoring it .

“How is it?”

“Nothing much . ”

“Did you just swallow it straight down?”

Disgruntled, she went on to say, “You should slowly savor the taste . You can’t taste anything when you just swallow it down . Come have another bite!”

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