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Chapter 1930: 1930
Chapter 1930: Boss Mu has been abused .

He was in a great mood tonight .

Hua Jin watched the couple leave before smiling and carrying Lin Fengtian off with him .

When they passed by a night market in their car, Yun Shishi plastered her face on the window and said lovingly, “I want to eat skewers . ”

“No!” rejected Mu Yazhe resolutely .

Skewers were junk food and unhygienic .

Why did she like eating such stuff?

“It’s already this late . We should head back home to rest . ”

“No, I want to eat those! I haven’t eaten some in a long time . ”

The man was rendered speechless .

“Isn’t Qin Zhou asking you to lose weight? You’re going to walk the red carpet soon . Shouldn’t you be maintaining your figure?”

“Eating a few won’t matter much . It’s just one or two!”

The woman suddenly thought of something . “Have you not eaten skewers before?”

“No . ”

“Oh, please! That street food is delicious! To be honest, the best delicacies are hidden in marketplaces and alleys . Their taste isn’t bad at all . You’ll be missing out on something great if you don’t eat such food even once . ”

Her mouth was like a torrent . She looked at the sidewalks littered with food stalls outside the window with longing eyes .

Perhaps her gaze was terribly longing, for the man’s heart was finally moved . He asked the driver to stop at the roadside .

The weather was a bit chilly tonight .

When she alighted from the vehicle, he immediately wrapped her with his jacket .

“What are you doing?! I’m not cold!”

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“Wear it!”

He did not allow her to refuse and wrapped the jacket more tightly around her .

Yun Shishi could only helplessly let him do as he pleased .

Deep down, his subtle consideration had warmed her heart .

The capital’s night market was the busiest and noisiest in the wee hours .

Although it was early in the morning, the stalls were having a great business .

This night market offered a large variety of food at night .

Foodies who had taken roots in the capital rarely went to restaurants .

They were knowledgeable enough to know that the real food was found in such places .

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As the saying went, ‘fragrant wine feared no dark alley . ’

While the district was not flourishing at daytime, business was in full swing at nighttime .

Yun Shishi managed to find a spot to sit after much effort . The table was short and the stools were unstable . When Mu Yazhe sat down next to her, the other end was nearly lifted .

She was quick to react by firmly planting her butt on the seat .

This broken stool! cursed the man silently .

The table was also very short . With his tall stature, the table only reached his waist after sitting down .

He had never felt so cramped before . Therefore, he could not adapt to it .

Seeing his livid face, the woman burst into laughter .

She had never seen him look so out of place before .

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The honorable Boss Mu was actually willing to eat at a roadside stall for her . Oh, dear! Was this considered true love?

The woman covered her mouth as she laughed furtively for amusement .

The man had never been to such a venue, so he was utterly bewildered .

He did not understand how such a crude place, with unstable tables, could be a good place to visit .

Yun Shishi smiled at him . “This is what you don’t get! Skewers are the best sellers in night markets! In the past, when I ended work late, I always came here for skewers . It felt extremely great to eat them after a tiring day and especially in summer . During winter, it won’t be this bustling, but in summer, many tables like this will be placed around as it will be very busy even with over ten helpers!”

Following her words, she lowered her head and began ordering food .

It was already late in the night, and she was truly famished .

She ordered dishes with pure meat or vegetables . The man watched the woman place her orders until he could no longer remain calm and collected .

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