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Chapter 1929: 1929

However, while they were joking with the woman, they were calling her ‘sister-in-law’ and being respectful toward her .

Exactly who was this fiancé of hers?

Even Lin Fengtian had to remind him not to shoot his mouth off and offend the man . If not, no matter how strong a backing he had, it would not be enough to protect him .

He heard that Gu Xingze was banned .

Was it the work of this person?

He could tell that this man was an extremely powerful and supremely arrogant king .

Hua Jin was intimidated .

Mu Yazhe narrowed his eyes as he drank a mouthful of alcohol, ignoring the male idol’s concentrated gaze on him .

The latter was subdued by his presence at that very moment .

The confrontation between these two was like the collision between auras .

The former was just sitting there with his back straight and his expression apathetic and composed . His handsome face was intricate like a one-of-kind painting . No one from the entertainment industry could match up to him .

Even if it was the superstar, he feared that the celebrity was not qualified .

If such a man were to debut in showbiz, the film emperor would not have his present status .

This man did not need to speak or show any expression . Just by sitting, there was already an irresistible aura around him, which made people want to revere and be subdued by him .

His imposing manner left the actor unconsciously feeling as if he had lost .

There was no place for him to fight against the man .

Not a second had passed, yet it was already obvious who had the upper hand here .

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Hua Jin felt that a man like him had the right to own a beauty like Yun Shishi .

He admitted defeat at once .

Walking over, he smiled gently at Yun Shishi . “Sis, is this brother-in-law?”

Calling her ‘sis’ made them sound close yet not overly intimate .

He did not want to cause her any trouble .

He did not have any complicated feelings toward the woman . He had always seen her as his older sister . This was perhaps due to her gentle and charming aura, which he yearned so much for .

He had been lacking in familial love since he was young . Especially when it came to maternal love, he had no concept of it at all .

Deep in their bones, men had an extravagant hope for maternal love .

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Therefore, toward the actress, his feelings were the affection between a brother and a sister .

He treated her as his sibling probably due to him indulging in her maturity and gentleness .

Mu Yazhe cast a glance at him . “Who is this?”

“Hua Jin . He and I are from the same production crew . He is younger than me by a few years and got along with me rather well,” answered his woman .

He glanced at the idol askance, but the latter merely smiled back sweetly, obediently greeting him, “Brother-in-law, sis often mentioned you when we were in the production team!”

The man sized the idol up once more . Hearing the latter address him as such, he let out a cool hum of acknowledgment, no longer repulsed by him .

It seemed that he had acknowledged Hua Jin for greeting him as ‘brother-in-law’ .

Yun Shishi felt gratified by it .

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The trio joined the battle . The alcohol table was quickly consumed .

The fight was brutal .

The end results were undoubtedly bitter .

Apart from Mu Yazhe and Hua Jin, everyone else had practically collapsed .

The man was naturally great at holding his liquor and knew how to take charge of the situation . Moreover, no one dared to force him to drink much .

As for the idol, he was a frequenter of bars and clubs . His capacity to hold liquor was big .

Yun Shishi also drank a small cup and her tipsiness caught up to her .

A little drunk, she timely stopped drinking .

It was very late when they left .

Her husband carried her into the car with a smile on his lips .

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