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Published at 24th of September 2020 11:50:08 PM
Chapter 1912: 1912

The man asked, “Did she lay a hand on you?”

Yun Shishi shook her head . “No . You arrived just as she was about to do so . ”

“If I had not made a timely appearance then, would you have let her walk all over you?” Inwardly, he wondered about the possibility of this woman letting his niece trample on her if he happened not to have made it in time earlier .

“Who says so? You just happened to arrive when I was about to do so!” countered the woman pretentiously, not forgetting to shower compliments on him . “I didn’t expect you to be so nimble, hubby . Did you sense that I was getting bullied, so you rode your Wind and Fire Wheels1 to come rescue me?”

As soon as she said that last part, she heard her kids breaking out in uncontrollable guffaws .

Mu Yazhe’s face darkened . “Just what do you store in your little head?”

Despite the disdain on his face, the man was still smiling .

This woman calling him ‘hubby’ filled his heart with much sweetness .

This lass is just too cute for words .

It was especially so when she hugged his arm in a silent declaration of possession in front of his niece . He truly found the action to be very heartwarming . It even gave him a strong sense of achievement, which felt way better than when he managed to clinch an expensive contract!

“Say, hubby, why are some women just so shameless? What should I do if she comes harassing me again?”

He breezily replied, “Slap her back!”

“Slap her back?”

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That simple yet brute answer left her speechless .

She then mumbled under her breath, “She’s the mayor’s precious daughter, though . On top of that, her family has many powerful and influential members . Won’t I be causing you trouble if I lay a hand on her?”

He, however, answered her question in a very earnest manner . “Remember your status at all times . ”


“She might be the mayor’s daughter, but you’re Young Madam Mu . Your status supersedes hers . Even if you bully her to the extent that things get blown up, the one who will eventually come humbly offering apologies is her—not you . Bear that in mind,” lightly explained the man .

“My hubby is such a formidable character, huh?” She gaped at him in feigned surprise, her expression looking playful yet adorable .

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He shot the woman a side-eye . “Only now you know?”

Stunned for a second, she broke into a somewhat bitter smile as she blandly spoke . “What Young Madam Mu… Your family doesn’t even recognize me; I can’t live up to that name . ”

Mu Yazhe squeezed his brows together and held her hands tightly . “All you need is my approval! I’m the decision-maker in the Mu family, so I have the final say regarding your status! You’re my fiancée and my only future wife! Who dares to say ‘no’ to the person I approve of?”

He was practically the embodiment of tyranny .

She stared dumbly at him, feeling momentarily lost on how to respond to him .

“Fret not . I’ll have all your concerns settled before our wedding! Give me some time . ” The man solemnly gave his promise .

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She nodded, feeling moved .

Later, after their dinner, the two adults were intending to head straight home when their kids suggested that they catch a movie to digest their meal since they were feeling quite stuffed .

“How about we head to the cinema?”

“Great idea! I happen to have four movie tickets!”

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