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Published at 22nd of September 2020 11:25:33 PM
Chapter 1906: 1906
Chapter 1906: I want her to live a life worse than death!

The sunhat, together with the thick mask, covered half of her face . Her eyes could be seen peeking from behind the heavy setup .

Are her eyes real?

Such eyes could not be owned by a normal human being . They were lifeless and hollow, emanating a hellish sense of chill .

Even more horrifying was how badly disfigured the lady was, with hideous scars crisscrossing her entire face, sparing only her eyes from disfigurement . The permanent markings seemed to have been carved using a sharp object .

Who is this lady, and what caused her face to be like this?

Judging from those scars, she’s a suspicious character!

To me, she looks neither a human nor a ghost!

Having been guarding this cemetery for years, this was his first time feeling frightened, and it was actually caused by a living being .

The security guard beat his chest in hopes of instilling courage .

“Find this name for me . ”

The woman repeated her instruction like chanting an ancient, eerie curse . Her voice was hoarse, low, and lifeless .

With a frozen expression, the guard pulled the booklet beside him and asked begrudgingly, “What’s the name?”

“Li Qin . ”

“Does the ‘li’ come with four strokes in its character, resembling wood, and does the ‘qin’ have the meaning ‘piano’?”

“Yes . ” The woman nodded in agreement .

“Oh, this name was added not too long ago . Let me see… The twenty-third tomb in the nineteenth row…”

Before he could finish speaking, the woman turned and walked away without a word .

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The man stared at her departing figure for some time and then berated under his breath, “What a whack!”

The woman did not go far when she braked abruptly, turned her body around slowly, and panned her insidious eyes in his direction .

The guard was alarmed to see her staring at him . Biting his lower lip unconsciously, he shot her a fawning smile .

In the nineteenth row of this cemetery’s District Five was the twenty-third tomb .

This tomb, which was surrounded by lush greenery, was newly erected .

Standing in front of the tombstone, the woman could see a black-and-white picture of Li Qin . Underneath the picture, in front of the stone tablet, were fresh flowers and some offerings . The woman slowly knelt as her fingertips brushed lightly over the cold image .

Her eyes squinted as she recalled . ‘Nana, you mustn’t die…

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‘You must seek revenge for your mother . I’m full of hate!

‘I want that b*tch to live a life worse than death… I want her to be miserable for the rest of her life!’

The desperate and hopeless cries reverberated loud and clear in her ears .

The woman silently caressed the picture one more time . The picture had been stained with the cold, early morning dew .

Slowly, she wiped dry the wet stains covering the picture as she gently caressed the spot again and again .

When she left, the fresh flowers on the tombstone were trampled by her feet .

As the guard watched her leave the compound, he muttered under his breath, “Seems that she’s mentally deranged—truly worse than seeing a ghost!”

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Night fell .

Yun Shishi returned from the set, and the family of four had dinner at a western restaurant .

The father specifically chose a French bistro . When Little Yichen heard that they would have French cuisine again, he could not contain his excitement .

“I love French cuisine! Daddy is the smartest and the greatest!”

His brother, meanwhile, looked as if he wanted to throw up .

The young boy had too much of this cuisine . As he learned how to cook, he picked up different culinary skills along the way .

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