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Published at 22nd of September 2020 11:25:42 PM
Chapter 1905

The old man could not afford it, so his daughter paid for the parcel of burial land in the end .

He was full of guilt and gratitude toward this filial daughter of his . His wife had been extremely harsh toward his adopted daughter when she was alive, yet the latter had chosen to help him with her funeral needs . He did not feel good about it at all .

Yun Shishi spoke . “I hated her then, but she’s dead now . There’s no need to be calculative with someone who has passed away . Dad, treasure those around you now and take it easy . ”

“Thank you! I-I have let you down!” He was so ashamed that he did not know what else to say…

“Sir, the case is closed . ”

Li Hanlin’s deep voice could be heard on the phone with a message overlaid with subtlety .

Yun Tianyou nodded before offering a rare praise . “I know . You’ve managed to quash the matter nicely in just two days . I must say that you have great capabilities!”

“I…” His subordinate was taken by surprise . It was hard to decipher if this was a compliment or sarcasm coming from the lad .

The boy on the other end seemed to know what was on his mind as he reassured his subordinate with indifference . “It’s a compliment . ”

Can the brat mind-read?

If not, how could he know what he was thinking when they were physically apart?

“Agent Li, we’ve been working together for quite a while now . There is tacit understanding between us . Just like how you can read me sometimes, I’m able to tell what’s on your mind!” The boy seemed to guess what he was thinking again as he continued his explanation nonchalantly .

The man was thoroughly floored by then .



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“You must be evil incarnate . Somehow, you don’t look normal to me . ”

There was a long silence on the line .

The man was fretting when Youyou’s frosty voice came again . “New year is coming soon…”

“It seems that someone doesn’t want his year-end bonus . ”

“Oh, no… Sir, don’t… I was only kidding—”

The phone went dead before he could finish his plea .

The man could only look at it forlornly .

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Outside Mount Wulan Cemetery .

It was quiet with hardly a soul in sight .

After the winter solstice, there was an extraordinary gloom hanging over here .

Just as the sky lit up at dawn, a skinny figure appeared at the gate out of nowhere .

The willowy figure was wearing a hooded, black sweater with the collar pulled up to the rim of the neck . A large sunhat obscured more than half of this person’s face, so it was hard to get a good look at it .

From the profile, though, one could tell that this was a petite, young lady .

With hands in her pockets, she slowly walked toward the gate .

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The security guard was filled with trepidation after catching sight of her .

It was not unusual to see people coming to the cemetery to pay respect to the dead, but he had never seen one who came here first thing in the morning .

Hence, he approached the lady to investigate .

He was, however, daunted by the eerie and ominous aura surrounding the girl .

Backing away, he could not help marveling at her ability to tread like a ghostly figure despite clearly being human!

After shaking his head in bewilderment, he decided not to be nosy and retreated to his post .

“Help me check a name . ”

The security guard looked up . He was shocked to see that the woman had appeared soundlessly by the window in front of him without warning .

“W-What do you want? I didn’t hear you approach… Are you a ghost?”

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