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Published at 20th of September 2020 11:30:13 PM
Chapter 1899
Chapter 1899: Strongman

Li Hanlin continued . “In the first place, the rules of this world are set by those standing at the top of the food chain . We operate by the primal principle of the survival of the fittest . The law of the jungle dictates that the strong devour the weak . Small fishes feed on shrimps, only to become nourishments for larger fishes, while the big fishes turn out as part of our dishes . Likewise, humans hunt lions which prey on deer . The world is an unfair place; there aren’t any living creatures smarter or stronger than human beings, so we set the rules of the game! To us, the strongest are law! There’s so much darkness in this world; either you avoid it or you become strong enough for it!”

After letting out a sigh, his assistant hugged him lightly by the shoulders and . “If there’s something that you shouldn’t have done, that would be stepping too fast and too soon into a twisted world . At your age, you should still be enjoying your childhood!”

The little lad had entered a place that was totally at odds with his mother’s .

It was a place littered with vileness and filth, which usually dictated the rules of this deathly game of survival . The boy had an insurmountable fortune under his name . The games he designed could be used as nuclear weapons . Once his ‘Deva Eye’ project succeeded, it could rule the virtual world .

The Hurricane Group was a warlord, and it was the invisible power supporting the boy .

As a dictator, the ruthless conglomerate was already standing atop the cruel game of this world .

It supplied arms to various governments and monarchies . One order could rob thousands of lives overnight on a battlefield .

Were they committing a sin?

Simply put, this so-called sin was merely an asset of the strong .

The heart of a man was the most sinful of all .

As Youyou sipped his cola and bit on the straw, he finally understood what his assistant was trying to tell him .

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“Boss, I only have one question: Do you regret it?” asked the man .


“Have you ever regretted all those things you’ve done since joining the arms group? The blood that stained your hands could never be washed away . ” He gently reminded the boy .

In fact, he ached for the child before him . At a tender age of seven, there was no need for him to encounter such a ruthless entity .

Be it the Gong family or that international group, it was a fearsome entity that pivoted the wars in the world .

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Yun Tianyou looked up and smiled faintly . There was no more of that dilemma and uneasiness on his face .

“I don’t regret it!”


“I have to be the strongest because it’s the only way I can protect my mommy! I wanna be the strongman who protects her from any harm, even if it means dirtying my hands!”

He had enough of being bullied because he was weak, nor did he want to be reminded of the gloomy childhood he had had .

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He would rather stain his hands dirty to join the ranks of the strongest . This would be the only way he could safely hold his mom close to him .

With him being the strongman, his mother could never be bullied by others . In this way, he would be able to care for the ones he loved dearly .

His assistant smiled with understanding and caressed the lad’s head lovingly .

“If I had a son as capable as you, I would be smiling in my dreams!”

“Well, if I had a daddy as useless as you, I would cry in my dreams!”

The man was deeply affected by his superior’s sarcasm!

This was like a stab to his heart after giving the little one his heartfelt consolation!

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