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Published at 20th of September 2020 12:10:08 AM
Chapter 1897: 1897
Chapter 1897: I am scared…

Youyou replied, “I’m sorry, mommy . Principal Li wanted to treat me to desserts, so…”

“There’s no next time, alright? I’m just worried because it’s already this late at night . ”

“Okay!” The boy returned a playful reply to assuage her . “Mommy, I’m not a little kid, so you don’t have to worry . Once I’m done eating desserts, the principal will send me back home safely!”

The corners of Yun Shishi’s lips twitched as she fell silent .

The seven-year-old child had actually told her that he was not a little kid!

It sounded queer to her no matter what .

“That’s enough . Don’t be smart-mouthed with me . Be sure to come back early if you don’t want me to worry . Don’t be playful and remember your manners while you’re outside . ”

“I got it! Don’t worry, mommy . ”

After ending the call, the woman picked up her older son and gently asked, “Are you starving, my darling? I apologize for returning home late . As compensation, I’ll cook anything that you wanna eat . ”

Little Yichen stifled a shudder when he heard that and commented, “It’s best if you take me out for dinner if you truly wish to compensate me, mommy . ”

Her delicate soul had been dealt a heavy blow .

Is my cooking that lousy?!

Nevertheless, she compromised . “What do you wanna eat, then? I’ll bring you out for dinner . ”

“I’m fine with anything . Why don’t we ask grandpa for his opinion? I’ll eat whatever he wanna eat!”

The little brat’s consideration for his grandfather had the latter breaking into a smile, resulting in the gloomy feelings, which had accumulated in his heart, to dissipate by a large part .

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He took the boy from his daughter’s arms, unable to resist teasing him . “How sensible my grandson is! Grandpa wants to eat steamed cornbread . Will you eat them, too?”

“Of course! I will treat grandpa to whatever he wishes to eat . ”

The lad then patted his waist pouch with a grin . “I have a lot of stash! He he!”

That one statement completely ticked the elderly man pink as he lovingly stroked his grandson’s head .

How joyous and harmonious the scene was .

Meanwhile, Youyou, who was sitting in the passenger seat of a car, fiddled with the child safety belt in disdain and mercilessly lambasted, “Don’t install this thing again; it’s uncomfortable to sit in it . ”

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His subordinate fell silent .

“Sir, the child seat is a must in the car since you’re still a child, or else I’ll be getting a lecture from the traffic police when they stop us . ”

The boy gave him no response and looked up in the sky through the window, instead .

Li Hanlin assumed his professional look as he followed up with a question . “Sir, what orders do you have for me this time?”

His boss mulled over it for a while before gradually confiding, “The police summoned my grandfather and mother to the bureau today to identify a body . ”

As soon as he heard that, the astute man astutely realized that something was amiss . A look of seriousness slipped onto his face at once .

Youyou turned his face in his subordinate’s direction and ordered, “Contact the police for me; I want to read the autopsy report . ”

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“Which precinct is it?”

Having no idea at all, he shook his head .

“Since the body was recovered from the sea, the Eastern Sea division should have information about the case . Be sure to keep a low profile . ”

“I have some connections in the police department . It should not be difficult for us to get a copy of the autopsy report . ”

As the agent said this, he noticed how pale his boss’s face had become . His gaze then landed on the boy’s hands, which were placed on his knees, and he saw that both were trembling right down to his fingertips .

He could tell that he was in an extremely agitated state .

“What’s wrong, sir?” asked the man with concern and heartache .

“Agent Li, I’m scared . ”

The boy’s weak and helpless voice reverberating in the silent space sounded ever so heartbreaking .

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