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Chapter 1896: 1896

He did not overtly express these feelings of heartache out of consideration for his daughter’s emotions, though .

Back then, when the Yun family was still doing well, he and Li Qin could still be considered a loving couple and treated each other with mutual respect . It might be due to their carefree lifestyle, but the woman was rather obedient toward him .

This was why she had not adamantly opposed his decision to adopt Yun Shishi in the past . The two merely bickered over the matter for a bit before she eventually gave in, though wishing to adopt a boy, instead .

Nevertheless, her attitude toward their adopted daughter had been downright nasty . It all boiled down to the fact that the girl was ultimately not her flesh and blood .

Later, when the family faced bankruptcy, the woman became disgruntled with her husband at the notion that she would have to spend a lifetime of poverty with him after having only lived in the lap of luxury for a few years .

There was a saying: ‘Everything goes wrong for a poor couple . ’

How well-said it was .

In prosperous times, one could easily splurge tens of thousand yuan on branded coats, but in unprosperous times, even the most basic needs were luxuries .

The family fell into financial straits in the face of their company’s imminent bankruptcy . After living in wealth for years, when their family became poor, Li Qin had to even worry about the most trivial stuff . As such, her temper took a turn for the worse .

It was then that the couple’s relationship started to deteriorate .

All had changed since then!

Even though Yun Yecheng was silent with his head tucked down, how could his daughter possibly not know what was on his mind?

“Don’t dwell on it, dad . There’s no point letting your thoughts run wild when she’s already gone . ”

“Sigh… I’m just worried . ”

“I know you’re worried about Yun Na . ”

A frown settled on Yun Shishi’s forehead as she covered his hand with hers . “Fret not; I’ll definitely look for her . ”

“Her mother has passed away, yet we don’t have a clue of her whereabouts . Could she have had a mishap, too? According to the police earlier, Li Qin was murdered, so where is your sister now? How can I have peace of mind when her life and death remain unknown?”

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Her countenance turned grave .

Those questions were on her mind as well . Since her foster mother’s body had been found, it was truly hard to tell whether the woman’s daughter was dead or alive .

Somehow, she got this feeling that the young lady had encountered a mishap, too .

She was, thus, truly lost on how to comfort her father . All she could do was tell him not to overthink things .

Later, they reached home to find only the older twin in the living room watching TV with his head propped on his hands, looking bored to death . The younger boy was nowhere to be seen .

Seeing that the adults had returned, Little Yichen dashed over and sweetly greeted, “Daddy, mommy, grandpa!”

“Hey, where’s your little brother?”

She scanned her surroundings but could not find the boy .

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Her older son scratched his head as he haltingly replied, “He… erm…”

He could not help crinkling his face as he grumbled inwardly, That fella abandoned me at home and made me clean up his mess . How should I reply to our mommy now?!

Mu Yazhe frowned . “Where did that lad go?”

“Someone… came to fetch him earlier . ”

“Who was it?”

“Someone called… Agent Li…”

“Agent Li?”

It was obvious that the woman was unfamiliar with this form of address .

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The man, however, instantly reacted . “It must be his former kindergarten principal!”

She nodded in understanding .

They had met each other once when her son was admitted to a hospital .

That principal seemed to treat her son as his .

With her heart feeling settled now, she gave her younger son a call .

The call soon connected .

“Youyou, where have you gone? Why didn’t you obediently wait for mommy at home?”

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