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Chapter 1892
Chapter 1892: Yun Yecheng is listed as a suspect .

“Sure, sure!” The old man agreed without hesitation .

When they reached the interrogation room, the police officer got the father-daughter pair to go in first . After he retrieved the necessary documents, he sat across the table from them .

Upon seeing him, Yun Yecheng hastily raised a question . “I’d like to find out—”

“We need to complete the standard procedure first before I can answer any questions from you . ”

Still looking dazed, the old man could only nod in acquiescence .

“Did your wife go by the name ‘Li Qin’ and was she forty-nine years old?”

He nodded . “Yes . She would have passed her 50th birthday if she were still alive . ”

“Did you know if she had any grudges with anyone while she was still alive?”

“I don’t think so! Although she had a bad temperament and often got into arguments with others, she didn’t have grave enemies—at least, not any that I’ve heard of . ”

“How about her relationship with the neighbors?”

The old man thought about it for a while before answering . “It wasn’t good, I suppose! She had a vicious mouth and often got into arguments with our neighbors . Her relationship with them wasn’t considered peaceful . ”

The police officer pressed on . “Was there anything out of the ordinary before she disappeared?”

He shook his head .

“Alright, then . Pardon me for asking this…” The police continued his probing after a slight pause . “How’s your relationship with her?”

He gave an honest reply after a sigh . “Our relationship wasn’t that good . I often quarreled with her, too . She was demanding and unreasonable . Her difficult personality might’ve been aggravated by her menopausal… so even small, insignificant affairs could lead to arguments between us . ”

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“Were there incidences of domestic violence?”

The old man returned a forlorn smile . “Yes . She would hit me when she was agitated . I never raised my hand against her, though . ”

The policeman made a note in his files and quickly threw in the next question . “Can I take it that you weren’t on good terms with her?”

“Yes, you could say so . ”

“When was the last time you saw her—where and when?”

The other party replied, “I can’t remember the exact date and time, but the last time I saw her was at the hospital with my daughter . ”


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“Yes! My daughter was hospitalized, then . At that time, she got into some trouble and was disfigured . My wife wanted me to come up with the money for her reconstructive surgery, but I didn’t have any money! We had a huge fight over this, and I threatened to divorce her . When I returned to the hospital the next day, though, they were gone . ”

“Both of them?”

A glint flashed across the young man’s eyes .

“Yes . Yun Na, my daughter, was gone, too . ”

“You mean to say that your daughter and your wife disappeared at the same time?”

The old man retorted in a fluster, “This was what I wanted to check with you! My daughter is missing, too, and I don’t know what has happened to her, or where she is now!”

He was worried that she had also met the same mishap .

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Since the police had picked up his wife’s body, he was most concerned with his daughter’s safety . There was no news of her even now .

“You said that they had disappeared for some time; why didn’t you make a police report immediately?” The police questioned him with a sharp abruptness .

The question stumped the old man .

The young police did not let up in his interrogation . “Logically speaking, one will be worried when his wife and daughter go missing . ”

“Honestly… I didn’t read much into their disappearance . ”

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