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Published at 18th of September 2020 02:30:15 PM
Chapter 1890

Even Yun Shishi was shocked . She could vaguely recognize these articles of clothes as well . This red jacket and this piece of haute couture dress were what her foster mother used to wear . Li Qin enjoyed dressing up so much that she never hesitated to splurge on clothes even when the family was in dire financial straits .

The point, however, was that these were summer clothes!

If this body truly belonged to her foster mother, then by estimation, she should have been killed way back in summer!

“Could it be a coincidence?”

She found it a bit hard to believe even now and threw out a guess .

“We have some of the victim’s belongings here as well . Please look at them . ”

The police officer placed the other bag of items on the table and pointed at it . “What we have here includes a watch, a black wallet, an earring, a gold ring, and a jade bracelet…”

The father-daughter pair walked over to take a gander . As the former reached out a trembling hand to line the items out, he was suddenly overwhelmed with grief . He inhaled a deep breath and, with much anguish, choked out, “It’s her… It’s my wife…”

Yun Yecheng mumbled those lines over and over as he alternated between nodding and shaking his head .

The sudden news of his wife’s passing had him feeling somewhat lost and mournful .

“How could she have died just like that?”

He really could not figure it out .

With a shake of his head, the police officer said, “The autopsy report isn’t out yet, so we can’t draw a conclusion as of now . One thing is certain, though, and that the victim was murdered . ”

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“Murdered?!” Color drained from the elderly man’s face as he cried in disbelief . “She doesn’t have any feuds with anyone . Even if there is any, it’s only a minor conflict between neighbors; how could she possibly be murdered and be thrown into the sea?! That’s unfathomable!”

The officer said nothing but quietly observed him, instead .

Yun Yecheng, being Li Qin’s husband, was considered the most potential suspect for the victim’s bizarre death . As such, this uniformed individual had been quietly observing him and analyzing his speech .

The distraught man did not detect any of the scrutinizing gazes the police officer kept casting on him, though . Instead, he suddenly brought forth a request . “Can I see her?”

The officer replied, “The body is currently placed in the coroner’s room, but we’re unable to show it to you now . ”


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“The autopsy is still ongoing . Plus, the body has highly rotted . Are you sure you wanna see it?”

Yun Yecheng let out a heavy sigh . “Regardless, we ought to take one last look at her!”

His daughter added, “I’m sorry to trouble you, officer, but my father wishes to see his wife for the last time . ”

It was only then that the officer nodded in acquiescence .

On the way to the coroner’s room, the officer suddenly asked, “You’re Yun Shishi, aren’t you?”


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Startled by that sudden question, she asked, “How do you know my name?”

“For one, as part of the investigation process, I’m able to find out the details of your identity . Second, ‘The Green Apple’ is a highly popular movie with raving reviews, and I’ve just watched it with my girlfriend a couple of days ago! Your acting was marvelous in that film . My girlfriend got so overwhelmed with emotion that she broke down in tears in the theater . I was at a loss on how to console her . ”

In this tense and nerve-racking environment, the police officer speaking of something completely unrelated to this case was his attempt in trying to alleviate the mood .

Not only that, it also helped him have a better perception of the suspect .

Yun Shishi was the victim’s family member, so she was also listed as a suspect .

Thus, even though the officer was clearly aware that the celebrity, being a public figure, would not destroy her future by perpetrating a murder, it was still his job to study any potential suspects .

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