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Chapter 1889

With that, he led the father-daughter pair to his office, with Mu Yazhe following in tow .

Not until they entered the office area that Yun Yecheng discovered the police officers, whom he had imagined to be swamped with work, to be having a leisure chit-chat session over drinks .

They got to their feet right away, standing ramrod straight with a serious expression on their faces, when they noticed the presence of their police chief .

“Hello, chief . ”

Mu Yazhe swept a glance at the bustling office and commented with a frown, “How busy your bureau is!”

Fancy them busy chatting away over drinks!

Embarrassment colored the police chief’s face as he let out a cough . He then smacked a table and strictly told off his staff . “Is this your working attitude whenever I’m not in the bureau?! Are all of you very free with nothing to do?!”

His subordinates bowed their heads, looking stricken and guilt-ridden . They dared not even exhale deeply .

Thus, he pretentiously gave this bunch of fellas a castigation in front of the man .

These officers, having been trained to be highly observant, could roughly tell what was going on just from the look on their chief’s face . Knowing that they had either a superior dropping by for an investigation or a bigshot as a guest, they were all very cooperative in putting up an act with their chief .

“This elderly gentleman here was summoned to the bureau to identify a body! Whoever’s in charge of this case, step out!”

A young officer stood up and stepped forward .

“Excuse me; are you Mr . Yun?”

Yun Yecheng shot him a glance . Internally, he was churning with fury at having to sit on a cold bench outside for the entire afternoon with no one tending to him, only to find out that the officer responsible for the case was having a merry time in the office .

“Yes . ”

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“Oh . I apologize for making you wait, sir; I have just finished my work and was only taking a short tea break before attending to you . Now, please follow me; I’ll be showing you the victim’s clothes and belongings for identification purposes . ”

With that, the elderly man and his daughter followed the officer in charge into the morgue .

Mu Yazhe intended to go with them as well, but he was immediately stopped by the police chief .

“Please take a seat here, Chairman Mu; should there be any issues, I’ll report to you . ”

“Yes, just wait here for me,” said Yun Shishi .

“Alright . I’ll wait for you, then . ”

He nodded in response .

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“You can go have your dinner first if you’re hungry . Oh, and remember to call the little ones; tell them I may not have time to have dinner with them!”

“Okay . Don’t worry . ”

She then left after giving him a nod .

The body was placed in the morgue, and because it was suspected to be a victim of homicide, the family members could not retrieve the body back for burial in the meantime .

Upon entering the morgue, they had to put on masks and sterile gloves before the officer led them to the exhibition room .

In the box that he opened lay two bags; one of them contained the victim’s belongings collected at where the body was found, and the other contained the victim’s clothes .

The clothes, having been soaked in the sea for a long time, had long faded of its colors . The impact of the moving seawater and fishes gnawing at its fabric had rendered them tattered as well . Nevertheless, Yun Yecheng recognized them at once . He had bought those clothes from a shopping mall for his wife as her birthday gift .

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She had worn them even at the hospital that day, though the mother-daughter pair was nowhere to be seen since then .

His mind exploded upon sighting these clothes!

“It’s her…”

It was too big of a blow to him that his face instantly lost its color and took on a deathly pallor!

Even Yun Shishi was shocked . She could vaguely recognize these articles of clothes as well . This red jacket and this piece of haute couture dress were what her foster mother used to wear .

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