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Published at 16th of September 2020 02:25:14 PM
Chapter 1886

“The body was recovered about half a month ago, but because it has rotted so much, the autopsy report is unavailable even now . ”

The couple exchanged suspicious glances .

“Since they don’t have the autopsy, that means the identity hasn’t been determined . Have the police done a DNA test yet?”

The old man shook his head with a dazed look . “I don’t know!”

“Then, why did the police get in touch with you?”

His daughter had gotten more suspicious by now . “Since the identity of the body hasn’t been confirmed, why are we called to the police station?”

Yun Yecheng’s lips started to quiver uncontrollably . His voice turned hoarse as his eyes grew wide with fear . “Their investigation has led to us… because this corpse may be family! As you know, your mother… Li Qin and Yun Na have gone missing for a few months now . The two upped and left without even a goodbye . I thought they left the house of their accord… Based on her possessions and attire, the police have summoned us here to provide them some leads! Now, I’m so scared…”

He hated his wife, but having been married for so long, it would also be impossible for him to cut off all emotional ties with her .

A few months back, the couple had a big row, and he asked for a divorce .

His wife insisted on her share of the property if they were to divorce .

He was upset with her callous behavior toward their adopted daughter, whereas she was upset with him for showing partiality toward their adopted child while neglecting their biological daughter .

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Following their fight, their biological daughter got into trouble and was admitted to the hospital . Soon after, the mother-daughter pair disappeared without a trace .

The man wanted to make a police report at first, but days passed without any bad news despite their absence . He figured that the two had walked out sans a warning!

He also reckoned that this was the best way out of an awkward situation . Her walking out of this messy marriage quietly with their daughter was the least embarrassing way to end their affair .

At the very least, he did not have to bear her grumbling later .

Hence, not wanting to air their dirty laundry in public, he chose to be lowkey about this matter .

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He, too, was holding a grudge against his wife at that time, so when he received a call this morning from the police, he was thrown off guard .

Identify a body? What body? He could make neither head nor tail of their request .

While at the police station, an officer asked in return, “Why didn’t you file a police report when your wife and daughter went missing for so long? Did you know where they went?”

He told the officer that he did not know .

The officer laughed when he heard the old man’s reply and then narrated the event leading up to his required presence at the police station . A fisherman found a highly decomposed body when he was out fishing in eastern waters . The police had deduced that this case was a homicide after their preliminary investigation . As Yun Yecheng did not make a missing-person report, he was listed as one of the suspects in this homicide .

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The old man had rushed to the police station upon receiving the call, but he was made to wait the whole afternoon as the police had an emergency meeting prior to his arrival . They could only process his case now .

The woman’s face sank after hearing this .

“Shishi, the police said that the body held signs of violence after their initial investigation, but as it has rotted so much, further examinations are required before making a conclusion . We are considered suspects in this ongoing investigation, and the police want to take our statements . ”

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