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Published at 15th of September 2020 11:20:06 PM
Chapter 1885: 1885
Chapter 1885: Identifying the Body

She went silent, poking an index finger to the other out of embarrassment .

The man caressed her head while looking at her crestfallen face and huffed . “What insolence! I’ll ban her tomorrow . ”

She was tickled by his indulgence . Stifling a chuckle, she broke into a ‘hooray!’”Power to my Hubby the Great!”

“Look at you!”

Her palms balled up into fists . “Let’s not wait for tomorrow; do it tonight, instead! I didn’t wanna bother with that b*tch, but she dared seduce my hubby right under my nose! I can’t wait for tomorrow to mete out punishment!”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

He tittered out of the blue . “Alright! She’ll be banned tonight . ”

Even the man could see how doting he was toward his woman .

“My hubby is the best!”

“Don’t sulk anymore . Let’s have dinner . ”

“Alright!” She nodded eagerly, still giddy with revelry .

Her phone rang right at this moment .

She picked it up and glanced at the screen; the call was from her father .

His uneasy voice could be heard once the line got through . “Shishi, where are you? Are you busy now?”

“No, dad; I just got off work and am on my way to dinner . ”

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“Can you come over to the police station on Shifang Road?” His father’s voice was strangely hoarse .

Normally, he would check on her once she got off work . No matter how important his matter at hand was, he would wait for her to have dinner first before discussing anything further .

Today, however, he sounded unusually anxious and fearful .

She was taken aback by his request . “Police station? Dad, what happened?”

“I’m unsure, either! I just got here after receiving a call from the police . Can you come over now?”


The man could detect something amiss as she hung up the call and asked quizzically, “What is it?”

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“Dad asked me to go to the police station now for something important . ”

“Police station?” He knitted his brows in surprise . “Which one?”

“On Shifang Road . ”

“Okay . ”

He signaled a change in direction with the car indicator, made a turn, and sped toward their new destination .

When they arrived at the police post, they immediately saw Yun Yecheng sitting on a long bench . Looking lost and apprehensive, he was anxiously rubbing his palms .

She walked over and placed her hand gently on his shoulder, asking concernedly, “Dad, what happened?”

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The old man looked up and was about to say something when he spotted his son-in-law walking in after parking the car .

“Uncle, how are you doing?” greeted Mu Yazhe politely .

He nodded hastily and tried to force a smile . Nevertheless, it could not shield the look of distress on his face .

“Daughter, I received a call from the police . They said that they had recovered a body and wanted me to assist in identifying it . I was so shocked, thinking that something might have happened to you . When I got here, I was told that the person found has been dead for some time . I don’t know what’s going on…”

Yun Shishi was stunned .

“A corpse?”

“Yes!” Her father nodded and continued after swallowing a gulp . “The body was recovered by a fisherman when he was out fishing in the sea . The body has badly decomposed by then, so the face is beyond recognition . ”

“When did this happen?” she asked hesitatingly .

He replied after a pause . “The body was discovered about half a month ago . ”

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