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Published at 15th of September 2020 11:20:10 PM
Chapter 1884

If what Yun Shishi had said was true, then it was truly something one would be jealous of!

The rich backer she had was someone excellent, wealthy, and handsome . When she reevaluated all her successive backers, their ages ranged from thirty to fifty years old—there was even an elderly man who was old enough to be her grandfather!

If they were not completely bald or balding, then they had beer bellies . When she thought of those bodies, which were fat enough to leak oil, pushing her down and having their merry way with hers, she had to hold herself back from vomiting .

Wu Mengjie was so jealous her eyes were about to bleed .

“I knew it! You have someone supporting you to have such rich resources . Your luck is quite good to find such a backer . I really envy you!”

She paused for a moment before suddenly flipping her straight, black hair over her shoulder in a charming manner . With one hand on her thin waist, she placed her other hand on the window ledge gently .

“Sir, you are blind to be attracted to such a woman! Why don’t you kick her away and let me follow you, instead?”

She then cast what she thought was a coquettish gaze on the man before speaking in a seductive voice . “My skills in bed are great . ”

He furrowed his eyebrows and spat, “Gross . ”

Wu Mengjie was taken aback . “Ah? What did you say?”

“Move your dirty hand away,” commanded Mu Yazhe expressionlessly .

Before waiting for her to react, he raised the car window .

Unprepared, her hand was caught by the car window and she howled in pain . Mu Yazhe stepped on the gas pedal as the car sped away while she was still leaning against it, causing her to fall to the ground from a harsh brush against the car . She tumbled to the floor just like a dog with mud on its mouth .

Wu Mengjie stood up and stomped harshly with her high heels . “What kind of person is he! He has no taste at all for having an interest in that kind of white lotus!”

Despite saying that, she still felt regretful .

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If she had such a handsome rich backer, she would wake up laughing from her dreams .

“Who was that woman earlier?”

Mu Yazhe asked nonchalantly as he drove the car out of the parking lot .

“A third-rated celebrity . ”

Yun Shishi glanced at him before joking all of a sudden . “My husband truly has such a powerful charm! I can’t believe that someone would actually dare to seduce you publicly right in front of me . Say, should I be angry?”

“She doesn’t even match up to one strand of your hair . ”

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It was obvious that Mu Yazhe did not like her joke as he pinched her hand with a bit too much force, causing it to hurt .

“Hey! Don’t take revenge on me like that!”

Yun Shishi protested softly .

“Did she bully you?”

“If she bullied me, would you stand up to her on my behalf?” Yun Shishi asked with a smile .

Mu Yazhe furrowed his eyebrows, clearing not in the mood to joke around with her!

“Answer me . Did she bully you?”

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“Hubby, you are so dumb! It is evident that your wife is being bullied outside! She scolded me for a long time in an eccentric manner when we were in the make-up room . I can’t stand the sight of her . ”

She paused for a moment before she continued in aggrieve . “She is also a celebrity under Huanyu . Hubby, your wife is being bullied by others outside, are you going to stand up for me?!”

The man was speechless when he heard that . “You are the Lady Boss of Huanyu and yet you got bullied by celebrities that are under your control . How should I even begin to nag you?”

Yun Shishi went silent .

Since when was she the lady boss of Huanyu?


That’s right .

Her husband was the big boss behind the scenes of Huanyu, then that inadvertently meant that she was the lady boss of the conglomerate .

Now that she thought about it this way, she was truly a little weak!

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