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Published at 13th of September 2020 02:35:06 PM
Chapter 1878: 1878

His tone was infuriating . As a person without a wife, talking was cheap for him .

Mu Yazhe was even more unhappy, saying in a displeased manner, “I don’t like that my wife’s always on the go, leaving early and coming home late . She’s working too hard! As for the rest, you can settle it yourself . I’m going to see how you will perform!”

Not letting him explain further, the man hung up .

Qin Zhou stared at his phone screen in disbelief . He was in complete disarray now!

What was that?!

What a tyrannical director!

He grumbled before looking at the time . It was 8 AM, which was indeed rather early .

At this time, the weather was still very cold .

No wonder the big boss was angry .

His heart must have ached seeing his pretty wife rushing for a program so early in the morning .

He sighed and held his forehead .

It seemed that he had to re-adjust the programs!

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Yun Shishi had two shows in the afternoon . She rushed through them like a trapeze and struggled to devour a bento before dashing to the broadcast station to participate in another program recording .

On the road, they were coincidentally caught in a traffic jam . The jam on the highway was out of hand . She picked up her phone and was prepared to watch the entire movie of ‘The Green Apple’ .

When the post-production of it was completed, she did not have the chance to check it out . She had no clue on how the overall effect of the film had turned out after the post-production, either .

Mu Xi had copied it to her phone . Taking this chance of being stuck in this traffic congestion, she began to watch it with relish .

The romantic music, elegant color schemes from post-production, and moving plot had sadomasochism which could induce tears in the audience…

The actress raptly watched it, captivated by the show .

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One must say that the special effects she had expected were so different from how everything turned out .

When they were on set, the actual filming was dry and dull . They read the lines according to the script and walked to their positions, but she could not see her facial expressions, so the frames were boring .

Lin Fengtian was extremely harsh in that aspect . He was on point with his control over the movie; therefore, when it came to the script, the actions and lines had to be acted out according to his design . He was like a worker as well, finishing all the tasks in an assembly line and completing the job .

After filming, her heart drummed against her chest .

The real acting was vastly different from what was in the movie .

In the past, when she watched the touching moments in a movie, she would be easily immersed, with tears in her eyes in the next moment .

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However, when she was acting, no matter how heart-wrenching the scene was, it was hard to immerse herself in it . She had to mull over those sorrowful emotions repeatedly . When she was unable to squeeze out any more tears, she would shut herself in a small, dark room and imagine sad things continuously, accompanied by sorrowful music . Only then could she grab hold of the right emotions and return to the set to continue the shoot .

However, after the excellent post-production effects, the movie became very different .

When the scene was filmed, it was obvious that it had been a joyous one, but when the scene was played in the movie and accompanied by the sad and emotional background music, sorrow instantly filled her heart to the brim .

Especially during the ending, the actress was unable to control the sorrow in her heart as tears fell from her eyes .

Mu Xi, who was sitting by her side, saw this and did not know whether to laugh or cry!

“Shishi, why are you so weak? You can cry from watching the movie you acted in? I really admire you . ”

“…” she haltingly said, “because it’s touching!”

“It seems that our actress is a rather sensitive person . ”

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