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Chapter 1871: 1871

Hua Jin’s tone was very strange and held the vague feeling that he was jealous .

Apparently, his co-actress did not understand the reason for him saying such strange words, for she gave him a frigid smile and a bland reply . “Everyone here wants to end the filming early to go home and accompany their family . ”

Desolation flashed past his eyes, and in the end, he let out a self-deprecating laugh . “How nice it is that someone is waiting for you at home . I have no one, though . ”

In his eyes were traces of envy and loss .

Yun Shishi: “…”

His head hung low as he finally compromised . “Alright . I’ll do it properly and strive to clear it in one take . I won’t waste any more of your time . ”

The rest of the filming proceeded surprisingly smoothly, and their scenes were mostly cleared in just one take .

His ability in acting was truly an eye-opener when he put all his concentration on it . Not only did he portray the right emotions, his expression was just right, too . His acting was, all in all, flawless .

It had everyone predicting that he would become the second Gu Xingze in showbiz .

The rising idol had the potential and talent to do so .

After the two were done clearing their scenes together, he remained on set to rush out his parts through the night, while she rushed home as all her parts for the day were done .

On the journey home, Mu Xi carefully asked as she drove the car, “Shishi, don’t you feel that Hua Jin is somewhat dependent on you?”

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“He seems… to be very fond of you . Of course, it’s not the kind of fondness between men and women! It’s just that he appears to be very lonely, so what he feels about you is like the reliance a younger brother has to his older sister!” She went on explaining .

The mention of the young man caused the actress to have quite a headache, however .

“Let’s not talk about him . ”


“He’s a complete weirdo! Not only has he a queer temperament, his personality is odd, too . ”

The assistant was surprised to hear that, though she quickly recovered from her shock and smilingly remarked, “Truth be told, I find the idol to be quite a nice person!”

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“Why do you say that?”

“I used to find him quite intimidating before I came into contact with him as there are rumors of his backing not being a mere figure but a powerful and influential individual, instead . You have no idea how tough the competition was for the male lead role of ‘Lethal Beauty’ among the young artists! First off, original works, such as it, are bound to get really high ratings once they are aired . Second, the male lead’s persona is rather audience-pleasing and has a bunch of loyal fans . It basically means that getting this role will guarantee one’s path to stardom! While others were competing furiously with one another, all it took Hua Jin was a word in passing for him to clinch that role! Say; don’t you find it scary?”

She fell silent .

“Oh, and I heard an inside story about him!”

Her assistant suddenly asked her a question in a mysterious manner . “Do you know who Li Jiuxian is?”

“Yes . ”

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“He actually slept with a producer to get the main-lead role for this movie! Alas, it was eventually given to Hua Jin . The other actor almost vomited blood from anger when he found out!”

The actress was astounded by that piece of news . “If I recall correctly… the producer of ‘Lethal Beauty’ is a middle-aged man…”

“What about that?” Mu Xi thought nothing of it since it was a common occurrence in showbiz . “There are many sorts of sexual relationships in this industry . Li Jiuxian might not be a homosexual, but for the sake of getting that role, he went all out to please that gay producer . After all, what’s the big deal about giving sexual favors when he can get such a good role?”

This came as a rude shock to her . In a hushed voice, she spat, “What a filthy industry . ”

“Exactly . How many people in it do you think are sincerely passionate about acting?”

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