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Published at 6th of September 2020 11:15:21 PM
Chapter 1857

Most movie adaptations, therefore, faced the situation of having high box-office sales and poor reviews at the same time .

Oftentimes, they were able to attract many fans of the original work into watching the films, but despite this, they would ultimately find themselves in an awkward situation just because the plots were loosely based on the original works .

The novelist had even posted a tweet, along with an image taken inside a cinema showing the scene of the two main leads locked in a passionate kiss, which stated: [ A huge thank you to these two actors for their outstanding performance! In my heart, you two are the real-life version of Yin Dongyu and Yin Xiachun!]

Feeling utterly flattered by that comment, Yun Shishi proceeded to give it a thumbs-up .

On this carefree morning, she kept scrolling through the endless fans’ comments on her phone while lying lazily in bed .

She really wanted to read through all the comments without missing any regardless whether they were compliments or debasement .

This was the sight that greeted Youyou when he entered the bedroom after knocking on the door—his mother, tucked under a blanket, grinning from ear to ear as she stared at the phone in her hand .

His mood involuntarily lifted .

“You’re being a lazy bum today, mommy! It’s already half past nine, yet you’re still lazing around in bed!”

He then ran to the bed and made a feint move of lifting the blanket off his mother .

She hastily wrapped the blanket around herself as she pleaded, “I know my mistake, so don’t pull my blanket away, alright?”

The boy pursed his lips in mocked anger before smiling helplessly at his mother and tucking himself under the blanket as well . As he hugged her, he asked, “What are you looking at?”


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His brow lifted when he heard that . He then said with a smile, “According to the morning entertainment news, ‘The Green Apple’ topped the box-office sales in cinemas! It’s a landslide victory to boot! The difference from the second place is about tens of millions in ticket sales!”

“That’s great news!”

The woman placed the phone on her chest as she gushed with much emotion, “I’m feeling that sense of achievement where I finally get acknowledgement for all that hard work! I feel immensely satisfied to gain respect and have my efforts recognized!”

“Ooh . How proud you must be of your success since you’re feeling so pleased right from the start of the day!”

Her good mood naturally placed him in a jovial mood, too .

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After all, she had indeed slogged hard for the film, so he was naturally happy about her success .

There was a myriad of emotions surging within the woman .

Initially, when the film was first released, she was overwhelmed with nervousness and inferiority . She could not shake off the feeling that she may be unable to gain recognition and acknowledgement from the fans after all the effort she had put in .

Moreover, ‘The Green Apple’ was competing against several blockbusters on its release date . The actress held no desire for overnight fame but positive feedback in terms of box-office sales and reviews, instead . She did not want to leave behind an impression of being a beauty with no acting skills to the audience at the very least .

After all, she had pursued acting out of passion and interest and was not in the least bit fueled by fame, vanity, and materialism .

It was not until that evening that it was determined, in terms of box-office sales, that ‘The Green Apple’ had hit the 150-million mark on its release date . It was an astounding result which had far surpassed Lin Fengtian’s expectations .

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The production team held a sensational celebratory feast that very evening . Although the superstar was absent, all the present main producers and cast alike had high anticipations for the film’s final box-office sales .

Everyone unanimously agreed that it would not be tough to hit the two-million mark to exceed the director’s expectations again!

There were many reporters attending the celebratory feast that night, and this resulted in many news articles the next day .

Seizing the opportunity to strike while the iron was hot, Huanyu spared no effort in pouring resources to the movie’s post-production publicity campaign . It was such a blast that practically everyone knew about the movie after the consecutive barrage on the frontpage of several major, social-media sites, like Weibo and Tieba, as well as the online forums and communities .

What followed after was a nonstop publicity period .

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