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Published at 6th of September 2020 11:15:26 PM
Chapter 1856

Fan D: [ I used to be an anti-fan of yours, and boy, how I hated you! As one of Gu Xingze’s diehard fans, I couldn’t help wondering where you came from and on what basis did you get to play the role of an imaginary lover with our superstar, but after watching the movie, I discovered how compatible you two are! Now, I truly hope that you and the superstar end up together in real life! (heart)(heart)(heart)]

Fan E: [Yun Shishi . What a poetic name that is! Despite having a rather deep impression of you, I thought that you’re no different from the other actresses—a beauty without substance! It’s only after watching the premiere that I realized you’re an idol with substance! I wish you success and fame in your acting career!]

Yun Shishi scrolled through the comment section over and over again . The comments were mostly left by those who had watched the movie, and though there were also hate comments here and there from those engaged by other actresses and the superstar’s diehard fans, she had countless people coming to her defense now .

This is the first time I’ve felt the power of fans since my debut!

It feels great to have them defending and respecting me!

Even more so, it feels awesome to capture the viewers’ hearts and turn them into my fans through acting!

One time, Lin Fengtian privately told her that she was one of the top runners, and possibly the best, in terms of visual appeal among the female celebs in the industry . Her acting skills, on the other hand, were found lacking when compared to seasoned thespians, though she fared way better than many others .

More than once, he said, “Beauty will fade along with time . While no beauty can withstand the cruel test of time, acting can . To be a well-deserved and highly respected actor, one must not only possess outstanding looks but also the dedication to strive for constant improvement in acting . You have a high aptitude for this profession . I’m sure that, if you put in more effort into your acting, you’ll have a long future down this path . ”

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As she scanned through the various heartwarming messages from her fans, she suddenly felt her blood burning and coursing with motivation!

This was enough for her .

Receiving acknowledgment from the original novel’s fans for her debut piece was the greatest affirmation that she could ever expect to receive!

However, there was more than just surprise waiting to come .

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Not long after, the production team received news of successful real-time box office sales; it had shot past the hundred-million mark from just the movie premiere . Even though Christmas was ending in several hours, there was still a continuous increase in ticket sales . The movie became a dark horse among all the movies shown that day, surpassing the achievements of many Hollywood blockbusters to clinch the crown . It could be said that the movie had performed exceedingly well!

The movie had caused quite a stir among film enthusiasts, too . They had nothing but praises and rave reviews for it . Ratings on Douban1 had also reached as high as 9 . 2, which was quite an impressive feat considering its harsh and critical rating system!

Not even the star director had expected such outstanding achievement from the movie’s first-day release . It had truly gone far beyond his expectations .

Following which, something that the newbie actress dared not even imagine happened!

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As the woman held her phone closely and watched the climbing numbers of real-time ticket sales, the movie topped the search rank on Weibo in real time due to the constant stream of fans showing off their ticket stubs and leaving positive reviews for the film on the platform after watching the premiere .

Countless fans of the original novel remarked that the movie was so closely based on the novel that it had gone far beyond their expectations . Even the littlest details of the storyline had been preserved and restored in the best possible manner in the movie .

After all, movie adaptations were the toughest things to please the audience with, and this was especially so since a majority of them came a long way with the original novel and would be most nitpicky about the film plot . There were only so few movie adaptations that fans of original novels would find excellent

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