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Published at 6th of September 2020 12:30:08 AM
Chapter 1855: 1855
Chapter 1855: The world is just too mysterious!

Lu Jinyu also joined in on the clamoring as he rubbed his tummy . “I can’t take it as well! Jiang Shen, let’s go hunt once we reach Luoyang . We need to find a girlfriend, or else we’ll never escape his torture!”

“Well, you can look for one if you like . I’ll stick to the chief . No matter how he tries to torture us, he is still my first love . ” The latter took this chance to lick his boots .

Alas, their boss only returned it with a cold snort .

The other added salt to his wound . “Even if your feelings remain unchanged for the chief, he still won’t stop torturing you . ”

Downcast, he could only lick his wound after hearing that .

His buddy continued to make fun of him . “Haven’t you heard what our chief told his fiancée earlier? ‘Be good when I’m away! Don’t do anything that’ll worry me’ Oh, my! He may be here with us physically, but his heart is with her!”

Jiang Shen nodded vehemently in absolute agreement .

The man in question rebuffed, “Well, your sister-in-law often gets into trouble . I need to pay more attention to her obviously . ”

Again, his words, full of excessive indulgence, struck the two mercilessly .

The corner of Lu Jinyu’s mouth gave a sudden twitch as his heart was ferociously attacked by fatal blows of love!

“It’s so good to be in love!”

Jiang Shen was deeply affected, too, and sighed in agreement . “Speaking of love, mine seems to have been ages ago!”

“Nonsense . I saw you with a lady not too long ago . ” His buddy saw through his lie straightaway .

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He explained, his face deadpan, “That’s not my girlfriend, alright? The only time I had a relationship was during university . I was so young then!”

The other lived up to his name as the one with the most vicious mouth in Shengyu Financial Group . “You may look rather young, but in reality, you’re already rotting inside . ”

When she woke up the next day, Yun Shishi realized that the world had changed .

She was not talking about the physical world but, rather, the online world .

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The first thing she did after waking up was to check her Weibo . She figured that reading three to five attacking comments from fans would snap her out of her dream, and she would be ready to face the world!

Pessimistic, she was all ready to face the criticisms of the original work’s fans, but the moment she switched on her phone, she suddenly thought that the world had turned strange and mysterious!

The latest update on her Weibo was a picture of her, looking tall, elegant, and beautiful in a black dress, with Lin Fengtian after the show’s premiere .

Before she turned in last night, there were only about a few hundreds of comments . The next day, she could see her account filled with tens of thousands of comments and countless mentions and tags .

Scrolling through her account, she could see a few tens of thousands newly added comments!

What’s happening?

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Her Weibo followers broke through five million overnight!

Startled, her first thought was that the system had cocked up somehow . After flipping through the message board and seeing the fans’ comments refreshing before her eyes, she realized that the application was working well .


Fan A: [Shishi, you are simply too good to be true! As a loyal fan of the original work to ‘The Green Apple,’ I attended the movie premiere to check out the show . Oh, gosh! It’s the first time in my life to see such a beautiful woman! You’re simply stunning! I’m your fan now!]

Fan B: [When I saw your movie poster before, I thought that you look too ethereal to be true and reckoned that you have a strong PR team to create such an effect, but it turned out that you’re a real beauty! After watching the movie, not just your looks, I also fell in love with your acting skills! Your every expression is so captivating! I support you!]

Fan C: [Now, I finally understand what ‘otherworldly beauty’ means after watching the movie!]

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