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Published at 4th of September 2020 10:45:14 PM
Chapter 1851

Reporter: “Xingze, what’s your biggest gain from this movie?”

The superstar spoke into the microphone . “My biggest gain from this movie is probably the memories I have from working with such an excellent director and a hard-working crew! Everyone chipped in to complete this movie, which is an adaptation of a novel with lots of following, and in order not to betray the fans’ high expectations, we really worked very hard for it . ”

“You also starred in a youth drama on your debut; a decade later, you’re starring in another youth drama . Do you have any thoughts about it?”

He answered, “To be honest, youth dramas don’t only encompass feelings . I realized during the filming of this movie that, through my continuous acting for over a decade, my skills have vastly compared to when I just started in showbiz . ‘The Green Apple’ is a milestone in my acting career, which I’ve put so much effort into . I hope that the fans will be satisfied with it . ”

As soon as he finished speaking, he moved the microphone away from him and covered his mouth to cough .

The hoarse coughing distinctively reached Yun Shishi’s ears .

She could not help but ball her fists .

At that moment, the media suddenly posed a tricky question .

“Do you have any expectations for the box-office sales?”

“Director Lin hopes that the ticket sales can break through the two-billion mark, but of course, regardless of the eventual profits, ‘The Green Apple’ is a good and precious movie to me . I hope that everyone will like it, too . ”

He casually dealt with that question with just a simple retort .

Everyone from the media stand let out a sigh at the neutral answer . They often could not stand to gain the upper hand when dealing with the superstar .

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They, therefore, started to shift their focus onto the female lead and launched their aggressive attacks on her, instead .

Unfortunately for them, after experiencing so many rounds of interviews, her on-the-spot reaction was now almost on par with the superstar . Even the thorniest and trickiest question posed no problem to her, and she could answer each of them easily, sending the reporters into a state of desperation .

Toward the end of the premiere, the two main leads raised a bottle of champagne and poured its content on the ice-sculpted words ‘The Green Apple’ in celebration of the movie’s upcoming release .

After the premiere, when all the guests were dispersing from the venue, she silently trailed after her co-star as they made their exit .

Throughout, she saw and heard him constantly hacking away in fits . His condition frightened and worried her .

There were several times when he coughed so violently that she fearfully thought he would cough up blood .

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Right then, he bumped into a staff who was rounding the corner in a rush . With a slight sway of his body, he was on the verge of collapsing to the ground .

She swiftly stepped forward to support him .

“Are you alright?”

That staff received quite a shock, too . He trembled with trepidation upon seeing the superstar, and when he wanted to go and help him up, he met his stern and icy stare, so he tactfully withdrew his hands and just eked out an apology before scurrying away from them .

With a hand on the wall for support, the actor straightened up his body and apathetically pushed her hands away from him .

Her face stiffened at that . Slowly, she said with a frown, “Go to the hospital!”

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The man gradually turned to glance at her .

She continued speaking out of concern . “Your body is in a terrible condition . The upcoming twenty-four roadshows will be too tough on you…”

“What do you mean by this?” he challenged .

She looked at him, feeling stumped .

He let out a self-deprecating laugh . “Are you showing concern for me?”


“If it’s just a pretentious concern, may I ask you to please conduct yourself with dignity . I don’t wish to hear any of that . ”

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