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Published at 4th of September 2020 10:45:18 PM
Chapter 1850

“What do you mean by that? I don’t understand you!”

“It’s nothing!” He gave her a calm and resigned smile . “His physical condition has been quite worrisome lately . Just a while ago, he was sent to the hospital from overconsumption of alcohol . Not only was he diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleeding, his gastritis worsened as well, so he’s been in the hospital for the past few days on an IV drip . His body is quite weak now . ”

“Gastrointestinal bleeding?!” The news aghast her .

“Well, yes! Don’t you know?” The man glanced at her . “He has a severe case of gastritis, which will act up capriciously because of his imbalance lifestyle . His daily three meals are of utmost importance, but that rascal actually went and drowned himself in alcohol a few days ago . I don’t know what’s wrong with him, too! By the looks of it, he’s unconcerned of that body of his!”

Yun Shishi’s heart suddenly skipped a beat .

“He’s been very depressed recently . He used to be a very cold and aloof person, who liked to keep to himself, and only after being friends for so long did I manage to open half a door to his heart . Now, it’s closed again, and he returned to how he once was!”

The further ranting Qin Zhou spouted, the more exasperated he felt . “He’s really a disappointing b*st*rd!

“He’s truly… being worrisome for not knowing how to take care of himself .

“When I told him off, he still asked me to leave him alone—that he doesn’t need my concern and he can take care of himself! In the end, though? His gastritis has worsened, and according to the doctor, he’ll be at risk of getting cancer if this goes on!”

He let out a sigh at that, apparently feeling very helpless and exhausted .

Gu Xingze used to be his partner, a celebrity whom he had spent much effort grooming into a superstar and a friend whom he was most concerned and closest with .

Seeing him behave like the melancholic and depressed wastrel that he was now, with no regard for his health, the agent could not help wishing to give him a good thrashing and see if he could knock some senses into the man!

The female artist, on the other hand, was feeling disconcerted, worried, and perplexed . She did not understand what her manager meant by ‘his last movie’ .

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Was the superstar quitting showbiz?

That might be a good thing for him .

Having been in showbiz for so many years and having amassed a remarkable amount of assets as a corollary, it did not seem to be a bad thing for him to exit the industry now and return to an ordinary life .

He would be in a much better state to care for himself and his health that way .

She supported the decision to leave showbiz .

Her manager saw through her thoughts, though, and aired his opinion . “I think otherwise!”

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“He made his debut at a young age and has devoted most of his life to his career . Should he withdraw from the industry, it’d be as good as losing his meaning of life . ”

As he spoke, he put out the cigarette in his hand on the ashtray, feeling troubled with worries .

The manager rarely smoked, but his addiction had been coming on strong these days, and he smoked one pack per day . The ashtray was already filled with cigarette butts in fact .

Having things put into perspective for her, she was at a loss on what to say in response .

The premiere soon began .

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Not only was it a battle of fame and fortune, it was also a campaign of ambitions .

All the main staff involved in the movie took their seats on high stools on the stage and gave their respective speeches according to the questions raised by the media .

As the actress sat beside the superstar, she could feel the slight, uncontrollable tremors of his hand when he held the microphone . Her heart tensed up along with it .

She could tell that he was fighting to contain it .

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