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Published at 3rd of September 2020 11:25:08 PM
Chapter 1849: 1849
Chapter 1849: Premiere (2)

The airing period of a movie in a cinema would generally last about twenty days to two months .

Powerful and influential directors tended to have higher filming rates; hence, the airing period of their movies would also be longer .

Furthermore, with the superstar starring in his movie, Lin Fengtian was fairly confident of the movie’s box-office sales!

Yun Shishi, in contrast, felt a mounting pressure press down on her!

This was her debut film where she, a rookie actress, starred as the female lead . Should her popularity not be high enough to secure box-office sales and, instead, become a hindrance to the entire production team, she would surely feel devastated .

Knowing how she felt, her manager reassured her by saying that they had the acclaimed director and the superstar around to secure high-ticket sales . Even if she had low popularity, the movie would still not perform too badly .

The production team had prepared several gowns for her to wear during the premiere, but as her weight had been on the rise recently, Qin Zhou urged his artist to go on a diet, lest she be caught in an awkward and embarrassing situation, whereby she could not fit in any of the gowns .

Of course, the so-called method of dieting was rather crude to achieve weight loss in such a short time .

For the sake of the premiere, she had to starve herself for two whole days before she could perfectly fit in the gown .

The director was satisfied to see this .

However, when she arrived at the venue on the day of the premiere, she realized that every member of the production team was present sans her male co-lead .

He was nowhere in sight .

Was he going to be absent from the premiere?

Thus, she tried asking her manager about the superstar out of concern that something might have happened to him .

The man only gave her an ambiguous reply, though . “He’ll be here, but due to a slight situation, he may arrive late! Don’t worry; he’ll still arrive in time for the premiere . ”

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Her forehead creased when she heard that, but despite her concern, she did not show it on her face .

With slightly more than half an hour to the start of the premiere, Gu Xingze finally arrived at the venue . His appearance, however, was rather grand with four bodyguards leading the way and a private doctor, stylists, and assistants trailing after him…

He entered the dressing room with a dozen people surrounding him .

Right then, the woman received a call from her younger cousin .

“Cousin, I heard that it’s the premiere of ‘The Green Apple’ today! Will the superstar be there?”

“Yes . ”

“Then… could you ask him for a signature on my behalf? Please! I’m begging you! I’m a die-hard fan of his . It’s not a difficult request—just a signature will do!” pleaded Yun Qinli repeatedly .

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She only gave her a cursory answer . “I’m very busy right now; I’ll get his signature for you if I have the chance to do so . ”

With that, she impatiently hung up the call as she sat in the dressing room with her thoughts all over the place .

Her co-lead exited the dressing room after his makeup was done some ten minutes later .

She looked at the man, only to see him with a morbidly pale face .

His handsome face, even after the stylists’ exquisite touch, still revealed his weary condition .

His face was devoid of color with cold sweat constantly seeping from his forehead . His lips were tight and dry despite having applied lip balm on them, which could not hide his weak breaths .

In particular, his tight brows revealed that he was in a terribly bad shape .

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She could not help asking her manager, “Qin Zhou, what’s wrong with… Xingze? His face is sickly pale!”

The agent’s brows furrowed at that, but he kept mum in the end .

After a while, he slowly spoke, “He’s attending this premiere because this may be the last movie he’ll appear in!”

Her eyes widened in shock as she stared at her agent incredulously . “His last movie?”

The man did not further explain himself .

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