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Published at 3rd of September 2020 11:25:14 PM
Chapter 1848

“Don’t take your time! I’m waiting for you,” he gently cooed .

He slid his hands further up and lingered on her chest, fondling her ample bosoms . With a slightly hoarse and seductive voice, he breathed, “Don’t make me wait too long . ”

Her heart seemed to stop right then and her face became steaming red!

“What are you saying?!”

The blushing woman pushed him away and escaped to the bathroom with her head tucked down . It was unknown whether she was too nervous or shy, but upon entering the bathroom, she bumped right into the doorframe and got herself moaning in pain .

The corners of his lips stiffened as he watched her yelped in pain with her hands over her forehead and dashed into the bathroom .

However, when the door to the bathroom closed, the smile on his face slid off instantly!

His eyes gradually narrowed with a flash of iciness in them .

At the end of her engagement ceremony, she spent two more days on the island with her husband before rushing back to report to the production team .

She was immensely grateful to the crew for giving her a seven-day leave; hence, she decided to return to the filming site two days later after her engagement .

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Thus, for the next two days and nights, the artist gritted her teeth and toiled through the filming to catch up on the shooting schedule and make up for those days that she was absent .

As soon as she was done with all her pending scenes, she took another week of leave to accommodate the schedule Lin Fengtian had arranged for her .

Of course, he specially informed Gu Xiaoyang and the team of ‘Lethal Beauty’ about this beforehand .

The two directors were on good terms, so with just a word from the one, the other immediately acquiesced .

Due to Director Lin’s perfectionist nature, the movie’s post-production dragged on for a long time before it finally got completed, further piquing the fans’ interest in it . Many netizens expressed a particularly strong interest and high expectations for the show online .

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A movie preview was held before the premiere for a hundred or so people . Many fans of the original novel sincerely lauded the movie after watching the preview .

The nationwide promotional road tour was about to commence . For the sake of promoting the movie, the famous director put all his focus on and effort into arranging twenty-four roadshows across the country for the artists to attend .

In addition to the major provincial capitals, some economically prosperous, second-tier cities were included on the list .

Brimming with confidence for the success of this film, he vowed to rank first on the category of romantic shows for the Christmas and year-end . With this ambition in his, he was fully prepared to launch explosive publicity during the initial stage of its promotional period . Five movie trailers were even made, and with his deep resources, he had various satellite TVs playing them to the point that the theme song shot straight to the top trending song of several radio stations .

Many celebrities even recorded a VCR of themselves wishing the movie successful box-office sales to show their support for the director .

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Despite holding the nickname of ‘demon director’ and having everyone on set fearful of him, he was overwhelmingly popular with the others . Besides the various big-name media attending the premiere, the confirmed attendance of several famous directors and listers alone was enough to boost the movie’s popularity .

The movie’s release date coincided with Christmas . As such, the director threw down the gauntlet and vowed to top the box-office sales on that day . His ambitious spirits were self-evident .

One must know that it was not just his movie which would be released on that day of Christmas .

There was fierce competition among the many Hollywood blockbuster films for that golden primetime to hit the box-office sales at Christmas and year-end .

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