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Published at 3rd of September 2020 02:30:08 AM
Chapter 1847: 1847

Somehow, her heart started racing and beating erratically when her phone landed in his hand .


“What about me?”


Mu Yazhe burst into laughter . “Why are you stammering for? You seem to have a guilty conscience!”

Her heart thumped harder as she stared at him in disbelief .

The man pretended to conduct a serious examination of her facial expression before he suddenly asked, “Judging from your tensed look, you must’ve done something bad behind my back, hm?”


Yun Shishi swiftly snatched her phone back from him and instantly came up with an excuse . “I just wanna check if my phone is spoiled . ”

As she spoke, she carefully examined her phone’s screen for any scratches or crack lines .

He looked between the phone and her, asking thereafter, “Who called you?”

“Erm… I…”

“Hm?” He furrowed his brows . “It’s confidential?”

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“It’s not that…” she awkwardly explained . “It’s from Qin Zhou! He called to inform me about my upcoming schedule and that he wants me to prepare for the premiere of ‘The Green Apple’!”

His lips pursed tightly as he scrutinized her . All of a sudden, his lips curled up and he breathed, “Are you lying to me?”


Despite feeling immensely guilty, she confidently stood straight up and stared back at him . “What lie? I’m telling the truth . ”

“Alright; I’m just teasing you!”

Hearing that, her pale face slowly regained its color and her heart, which was hanging suspended, finally settled . She heaved a sigh of relief, only to realize with a start that she was covered in cold sweat .

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He, however, gently smiled at her as if he had not detected her peculiar behavior even a tiny bit and quickly admonished, “It’s getting late! Hurry up and go take a bath . ”

“Oh…” She nodded absentmindedly at him in response . Her head was in a mess right now, and she did not know what she was thinking at all!

Gosh .

I just instinctively lied through my teeth .

The call was from Gu Xingze, and nothing happened, too, but for fear of the man getting upset and angry, she instinctively said her manager’s name instead of the superstar’s .

The confrontation between the two men on set that day remained fresh in her mind, and she actively tried to avoid a repeat of such a situation!

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Her husband was a shrewd person, though . Besides, she had no idea when he entered the room, when he stood behind her, or even how much he had heard from that phone call!

It was also unknown if the man had actually seen through her lie .

If he did, the matter would become worse . Nothing happened between her and the superstar, but she was truly afraid that it would cause a misunderstanding between them!

In her momentary disarray, she dared not bring up that guy’s name in front of him despite wanting to come clean!

With him dropping the matter and having her take a bath, she quickly strode to the bathroom as if she had received a great amnesty from him .

However, she had just taken a step when the man suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and scooped her into his embrace .

The woman could not help feeling like a nerve-wreck, afraid that he had discovered something and wanted to force a confession out of her!

In the next second, though, he dipped his head slightly and placed a kiss on her shoulder . His warm breath tickled her cheek as he glided his lips up to her cute and tiny ear, sucking and nibbling at it .