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Published at 2nd of September 2020 10:30:08 PM
Chapter 1846: 1846
Chapter 1846: Guilty Conscience

The seemingly light coughs eventually got so bad that he was practically doubling over .

The manager’s lighthearted expression instantly changed as he supported the artist . To his horror, the superstar’s fair face had turned into a deathly pallor .

“What’s the matter with you?!”

Qin Zhou was worried sick .

By the looks of it, the former seemed to be having gastric pain .

He suffered from severe gastritis, so he would usually stay away from alcohol . This alcohol abstinence was not because he was a lightweight but because it evoked his gastritis when he overindulged .

He once fainted from gastric pain at the doorway of a hotel just because he had drunk a few glasses of liquor at a social function . He was rushed to the hospital, and only then did they realize that he had gastrointestinal bleeding .

His symptoms were exactly the same as back then; hence, the manager could not help but suspect that the superstar had been consuming an overwhelming amount of alcohol sans food or water for the past two days and nights .

At the thought of this, he swiftly helped him up and resolutely pulled him to the door .

Gu Xingze pushed him away with a frown . “What are you doing?”

“I’m sending you to a hospital! From your current state, I suspect that your gastric is acting up!”

“Go away . ”

The annoyed man attempted to get away from the manager again . “Why won’t you get lost?! Did I ask for your concern?”

“Stop being a brat! Your body is already in a wreck, yet you’re still drinking . Have you ever given a thought on what would happen to your body at this rate?”

“No! I just want some peace without anyone, be it you or anyone else, bothering me! Just stay away from me!”

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Upon saying everything he wanted with an emotionless face and frantic eyes, his body swayed and eventually collapsed . Darkness descended upon him, and he soon lost consciousness…

On the other side, the dumbfounded Yun Shishi stared at her phone screen, where it showed that the call had ended . Her emotions had yet to settle when she heard a devilishly charming voice from behind her .

“What are you doing?”

She jumped in shock at the voice . In her astonishment and nervousness, the phone slipped from her hand and dropped to the ground with a thud .


She turned around at once with wide eyes, only to see Mu Yazhe standing behind her since God knew when . Feeling somehow panicky, even her expression could not help but tense up as well .

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“You… When did you come in?”

The man calmly looked at her with his penetrating gaze and smiled . “I’ve just gotten here!”


“Yes . ”

“Why didn’t you knock at the door before entering?”

He lifted his head at that and gracefully surveyed the bedroom before calmly retorting, “I don’t see a need for me to knock on the door when this is our bedroom . ”

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The frightened woman’s eyes flashed with panic as she patted her thunderous chest . Apparently receiving quite a shock from his sudden appearance, she grumbled, “Why do you walk so silently like a cat? I didn’t even notice that you’re standing behind me . ”

“You were too engrossed on your phone call . ”

He paused for a second and glanced puzzledly at the fallen phone . A flash of suspicion appeared in his eyes . “Who were you talking to?”

“No one . ”

She felt quite alarmed and, with a guilty conscience, immediately leaned down to pick the phone up .

Alas, before she could get it, the man bent down and picked it up for her .