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Published at 2nd of September 2020 02:40:16 PM
Chapter 1845: 1845

It got so bad that he had even forgotten what he wanted to say to her; thus, he pretended to give her his blessings and hastily ended the call . If he had to listen to another minute of her voice, he would surely crumble and fall apart .

With his head raised, he stared vacantly at the ceiling with soulless eyes the ceiling seemed to almost be penetrated through .

It was his first time loving someone with all his heart; alas, he was pushed away by her .

This was what it felt like to be abandoned, huh!


He clenched his fists in indignation, his fingernails digging into his flesh, but the man seemed to have lost all of his senses, for he could not feel even a sliver of ache .

It might also be that his heart was in such excruciating pain that he had become numb to all other senses; hence, he no longer felt hurt at all .

He eventually lost… even the chance to work and develop the relationship!

Outside the house, Qin Zhou had been knocking on the door for a long time . Seeing that no one was responding, he simply fished out his duplicate of the house keys and let himself in . Upon entering, though, a dark living room greeted him .

When he switched on the lights, he found the superstar lying on the sofa, expressionlessly and apathetically staring at the ceiling with his shattered phone on the floor . He approached him immediately .

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Xingze kept mum .

He knitted his brows at that, not knowing what had happened to the man, so he half-jokingly asked with a wry smile, “Why do you seem soulless today? What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing!”

The actor turned grumpy and irritated as he shot his former agent a glare . “What can be wrong with me?!”

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With that, he got up from the sofa and stumbled his way to the table .

It had been two days and two nights since he properly shut his eyes for a rest .

Hence, he was feeling all groggy and absentminded . With one hand holding the table for support, he struggled to hold a cup of water in another . His back seemed somewhat stiff and cold .

The manager behind him felt a momentary sense of loss when he saw that . Feeling awkward, he tugged at his lip corner and asked, “You appear to be… in a bad mood today?”

“Shut up!”

He suddenly lost his cool and smashed the cup on the floor as he turned around and faced his former agent . “I told you to shut up!”

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Qin Zhou was beyond shocked .

This seemed to be the superstar’s first time flaring up at him .

In the past, his former charge, albeit a little aloof, would only keep to himself even when he was in a bad mood and would never throw such a huge fit .

This hysterical shout completely rendered him dumbfounded .

He was about to yell back at him when he saw his body swaying and immediately stepped forward to support his arm, instead .

The overwhelming stench of alcohol hit his nose as soon as he got close to the man .

“You… Have you been drinking?”

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The other annoyedly pushed him away, replying curtly, “It’s none of your concern!”

“What do you mean by that?! How can it not concern me when you’re in such a state?!”

Undaunted by him, the manager approached him once more and steadied him by the arm, only to have the superstar’s body sway and slump feebly against him as if drained of energy .

Even then, the latter stubbornly pushed him away . “Let go of me! Leave me alone!”

Helpless about the situation, he patiently coaxed him between laughter and tears like how one would pacify a willful child . “I do want you to go, but right now, you’re the one who’s clearly leaning against me . ”

A violent coughing fit suddenly seized the man when he moved to speak . “Cough—cough! Cough, cough—”

The seemingly light coughs eventually got so bad that he was practically doubling over .