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Published at 2nd of September 2020 02:40:24 PM
Chapter 1844

Fear . It was out of fear .

She was afraid that he would decline her invitation and, at the same time, afraid that… Mu Yazhe would be upset over it .

Yun Shishi fell into silence, not knowing how to respond to him .

The superstar kept mum for a while as well before speaking in resignation . “I thought I shouldn’t be absent from such an important event in your life! In the end, though, I didn’t receive an invitation from you…”

He suddenly took a deep breath, seemingly mustering up all his strength to question her . “I may not have the chance to be with you, but are you so stingy not to spare me a chance to give you my blessings?”

‘Are you so stingy not to spare me a chance to give you my blessings?’

Her mind instantly went blank upon perceiving the bitterness in his voice .

“I… I thought that you wouldn’t want to come! I thought… you mightn’t want to give me your blessings . ”

“Hah… ” An apathetic laughter escaped his throat, and in a self-deprecating tone, he said, “I don’t wanna hear such pretentious words from you . Aren’t you too full of yourself? What do you mean by ‘I thought’?”

With that, he continued to shoot at her . “If you’re truly happy, what reason will I have not to give you my blessings… and not to give up on you?!”

The last, few words seemed to have been uttered through clenched teeth .

Surprise was written all over her face despite her feeling of disconcertion and astonishment!

“You should at least allow me to give up on you properly! Let me witness how happy you are, so I can truly let go of my feelings for you!”

He suddenly broke down in tears as he said in a heart-wrenching voice, “You should at least give me the chance to give up on you!”


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Her teeth pressed down hard on her lower lip flap as she inhaled deeply . However, the guilt and remorse she felt toward him was akin to a flooded dam .

“I-I’m sorry… sorry, Xingze…”

Besides that, she truly was at a loss on what to say to him!

The man, however, felt inexplicably distraught and irritated . He raised his voice slightly in anger . “I didn’t call to hear you say such words . ”

She pursed her lips, feeling stumped for words .

The other end of the line was deadly silent, too . Finally, the man inhaled a deep breath and forced words out with a wobbly voice . “Listen up; Shishi, I’ve let go of my feelings for you . You should be satisfied now… You don’t have to be on guard against me from here on . I’ve let go of my feelings for you, and I… will neither love nor pester you again, alright?”

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“I called to give you my blessings for your engagement and nothing else, so don’t overthink it!”

Feeling grateful, she replied smilingly, “Thank you, Xing—”

Before she could finish speaking, the call abruptly ended .

Du, du, du—

That rhythmic tone made her all tense .

Her face sank in dismay at the outcome of their conversation, and she fell into a daze for a long time .

In the City Apartment .

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Gu Xingze collapsed on the sofa behind him, and his grip on his phone slackened; it was as if he had been completely sapped of his energy . The phone slid down and, with a thump, hit the floor, its glass display shattering into fragments!

He had no intention of giving her his blessings through that phone call .

Instead, he actually wanted to ask her, ‘Why is it only Mu Yazhe?’

‘Can’t you consider me?

‘I, too, can bring you happiness . ’

At the same time, though, he asked himself, Why is it only Yun Shishi for me?

Can’t I consider other women?

The more he pondered on these questions, the more disconcerted he felt .