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Published at 1st of September 2020 11:45:08 PM
Chapter 1843: 1843
Chapter 1843: Why did you not invite me to your engagement?

“What beautiful fireworks!”

The woman hooked her arm through his and lay her head on his shoulder . “Did you prepare all this?”

He asked, “Do you like it?”



“I like it a lot! In fact, I love it!”

Feeling immensely touched, she gushed, “Thank you, Mu Yazhe!”

The fastidious man, however, latched on her wording and cocked a brow in displeasure as he fired a question at her . “What did you call me?”


Her face reddened a little, and with a pout of her lips, she bashfully answered, “Isn’t it inappropriate to call you ‘hubby’ now?”

“If not now, then when? Should I wait till my hair turns white before I hear you calling me ‘hubby’?” the man jested half-heartedly . “We’ve already held our engagement ceremony; don’t tell me that you’re planning to run away from our wedding?”

Still feeling slightly shy, she pushed at his shoulder and fumed . “No… You know that I don’t mean it!”

“What should you be calling me, then?” He patiently tried to draw out the answer he wanted from her .

With a pout of her lips, she stole a meaningful glance at him before mustering up her courage and calling out, “Hubby!”

“That’s my dear wife!”

He then enveloped her in a hug and kissed her under the fireworks-filled sky and the surprised stares of the crowd .

A firework slowly shot up and exploded in the night sky .

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A romantic scene was seemingly captured at that moment .

It was getting late at night .

While he continued to entertain the guests at the reception, she retired to their room first to rest for the day . She had just changed into her nightgown and wanted to go to the bathroom to wash off the thick and heavy makeup on her face when her phone rang at that untimely moment .

In a chirpy mood, she floated to the sofa while humming a song and retrieved her phone from her bag . However, at the sight of the name on her phone’s display, her heart could not help but skip a beat .

She felt stifled .

The name danced along to the playing ringtone .

An inexplicable, panicky feeling surged through her . As she picked up the phone, she shot a glance at the doorway to make sure that no one was around; her heart rate instantly accelerated .

“Hello, Xingze…”

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“Shishi, where are you?”

The superstar’s heavy and tired voice came through .

“I-I’m at…”

“I heard that you have something on, so you postponed our first roadshow, which was scheduled for today . ” He continued .

She got reminded of this just then . ‘The Green Apple’, which had officially entered its publicity period, had begun the nationwide promotional tour . Their first roadshow was originally scheduled for today, but because of her leave application, Lin Fengtian had no choice but to push back the show for a few days .

She felt pretty awkward and immensely guilty that her personal affairs affected the entire team’s schedule, but the director told her that her presence was of utmost importance to the roadshow as she was the main female lead, so he would rather bear any loss incurred and postpone the premiere than to have it while she was away .

She felt grateful and guilty to him when he smilingly assured, “Nothing is more important than your engagement! Don’t worry about this matter; it’s fine . ”

Hence, when she received her co-star’s call, she felt immensely remorseful .

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Through the line, the man slowly said in a strangely calm voice, “I also heard that you’ve gotten engaged . ”

“You didn’t invite me, though . Why?”

The resignation in his voice made her even more flustered than before .

He was asking why he had not been invited to her engagement, and she did not know how to answer his question .