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Published at 1st of September 2020 11:45:14 PM
Chapter 1842

His greatest wish was for her happiness .

Now that his wish was fulfilled, he finally had a peace of mind .

His brother was equally choked with emotions as he held his hand and congratulated joyfully, “Brother, you’re so fortunate to have such a good son-in-law! Now that your daughter has met a good man, your heart will be at ease!”

“Eh!” he responded enthusiastically . As he watched his daughter, his mind wandered to when they first met .

Yun Yecheng met her when she was nine . At the welfare center, when he saw her for the first time, she was really scrawny . At that time, she, in tattered and weather-beaten clothes, lay curled up in a corner of the bedroom, looking helpless and lost as she scanned her surroundings warily .

When he approached her, like an injured animal, she desperately retreated further into the corner . Her forlorn look and tired eyes touched his heart instantly .

He was so moved by her vulnerability that he decided to adopt her there and then, ignoring all his wife’s protests .

After he brought her home, he cared and looked after her as if she were his own . A paternal bond developed over time .

The fact that both of them did not share blood ties did not stop him from treating her as family .

She relied on him, and he spoiled her like his real daughter .

Everyone had a soft spot . His daughter was immature, rebellious, and often agitated him, while Yun Shishi really treasured their kinship that did not come easy .

When she was young, she once took in a stray dog which was subsequently abandoned by his wife .

She took pity on the puppy when she saw it being bullied by other children . This puppy was adorable and playful . As a stray, it was very obedient and well-trained once taken in by their family .

Perhaps, after being homeless for so long, the dog really treasured the companionship .

She must have felt the same way, too!

Just like how she felt when she was alone—lost and helpless, she wanted to give everything to protect this family, which she could call hers now .

She wanted to treasure it even more because she never had it before .

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She finally grew up to stand beside a man with happiness in her eyes .

The life journey that they shared had been long and eventful .

Now, she finally had her family!

He felt so happy for her deep down!

His beloved daughter finally had a chance to be with her other half!

Gong Jie stood quietly at the side as he observed his sister smiling happily; somehow, something seemed to stir inside his heart .

During dinner, the guests came forward to congratulate the engaged couple .

She was pleasantly surprised to receive blessings and kisses from a royal family—ministers, princes, princesses, and a president even .

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To think that she could meet these people, only ever seen by her on TV before, in person; right now, they were physically present before her .

In her heart, she wondered if she could ask them for an autograph .

If Youyou found out about this, he would definitely laugh at her!

When everyone was done with their greetings, her brother walked up to her .

Her heart started to pound hard and fast all of a sudden .

By the time she managed to calm herself down, he was already in front of her . Slowly and gently, he picked up her hand and kissed the back of it .

“Sis, I wish you the very best!”

These simple words were his heartfelt wish .

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Fixing her gaze long and hard on him, she suddenly grabbed him by the shoulder and gave him a peck on the cheek .

“Thank you, Xiao Jie!”

The bonfire was the climax of the dinner banquet .

Countless stars lit this charming night .

Nine hundred ninety-nine, heart-shaped fireworks were released in the starry sky at once, spreading out into a wondrous display of hearts linked by chains .

The two boys clapped their hands in excitement as they spectated this . Little Yichen, especially, had never seen such beautifully designed fireworks before even though he had seen countless fireworks displays in the past . He was dancing in amazement as he watched hearts form in the sky .